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This most widely used textbook in the field has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect changes in the health care industry and the renewed focus on health care information technology initiatives. Two new chapters cover Federal efforts to enhance quality of patient care through the use of health care information technology and strategy considerations. Additionally, reflecting the increased focus on global health, the book features an international perspective on health care information technology. Case studies of organizations experiencing management-related information system challenges have been updated and several new cases have been added. These reality-based cases are designed to stimulate discussion among students and enable them to apply concepts in the book to real-life scenarios. The book's companion Web site features lecture slides, a test bank, and other materials to enhance students' understanding.
Examines the special issues related to the collection, disbursement, and integration of various data within the healthcare system. Documents the conceptual foundation of healthcare information systems, its history and current status.
Managers of health information will appreciate the real-world focus of Information Management for Health Care Professions, 2E. While coverin g all the foundational content, it focuses on the manager's role in ut ilizing data as an asset and planning and setting procedures for its p roper storage, maintenance, usage, and security. Updated chapters expl ore the latest legislation affecting health data as well as the utiliz ation of data warehousing, web technologies and database management sy stems in health information practice. Review questions and other pedag ogical features make it an ideal review text and professional referenc e.
'New Technologies in Hospital Information Systems' is launched by the European Telematics Applications Project 'Healthcare Advanced Networked System Architecture' (HANSA) with support of the GMDS WG Hospital Information Systems and the GMDS FA Medical Informatics. It contains 28 high quality papers dealing with architectural concepts, models and developments for hospital information systems. The book has been organized in seven sections: Reference Architectures, Modelling and Applications, The Distributed Healthcare Environment, Intranet Solutions, Object Orientation, Networked Solutions and Standards and Applications. The HANSA project is based upon the European Pre-standard for Healthcare Information System Architecture which has been drawn up by CEN/TC 251 PT01-13. The editors felt that this standard will have a major impact on future developments for hospital information systems. Therefore the standard is completely included as an appendix.
Health care organizations have made investments in health information technologies such as electronic health records, health information exchanges, and many more, which have increased the importance of Health Information Technology studies. Cases on Healthcare Information Technology for Patient Care Management highlights the importance of understanding the potential challenges and lessons learned from past technology implementations. This comprehensive collection of case studies aims to help improve the understanding of the process as well as challenges faced and lessons learned through implementation of health information technologies.

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