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Healthy Intelligent Training is for all serious middle distance athletes and coaches. This book is based on the proven principles of Arthur Lydiard, the Runner's World Coach of the Century.
This is a detailed book for middle distance and endurance athletes and coaches containing specific step by step schedules based on the world's most proven endurance philosophy; the Lydiard system.Written by Keith Livingstone, author of the acclaimed 'Healthy Intelligent Training'.Contains a training diary template and season planner.
The first running book by a leading pioneering running doctor and athlete, creator of the Air Force's Efficient Running program--the result of more than three decades of study, practice, and science that shows us in clearly illustrated and accessible text how easy it is to run efficiently and injury-free, whether you're in your twenties, sixties, or seventies--for beginning runners and experienced marathoners. In Run for Your Life, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella explains the simple mechanics of how our bodies have evolved and adapted to run. Despite our natural ability and our human need to run, each year more than half of all runners suffer injuries. Pain and discouragement inevitably follow. Cucuzzella's book outlines the proven, practical techniques to avoid injury and reach the goal of personal fitness and overall health. His book--the first running book to be written by a professor of medicine with the credibility of the Air Force behind him--gives us a straightforward, easy-to-follow look at the anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition, and/or clinical medicine with clear drawings and black-and-white photographs. The book provides illustrated exercises designed to teach healthy running, along with simple progressions, a weekly/monthly schedule detailing common mistakes, and cautions that allow the reader to tailor the training regime to individual needs and abilities. With an annotated list of videos and other innovative, book-Internet links. The proceeds from RUN FOR YOUR LIFE will go to support Mark Cucuzzella's community work through his non-profit organization, Eastern Area Health Education Center/Freedoms Run.
Renowned running coach Budd Coates presents Runner's World Running on Air, a revolutionary yet simple training method based on rhythmic breathing to help runners at all experience levels improve their performance, prevent injury, and experience the joy of running. Validating his method through a mix of accessible science, Eastern philosophy, and the experiences of test subjects, Coates shows readers how focusing on their breathing brings their minds and bodies into harmony and helps them run stronger, faster, and more comfortably. Rhythmic breathing increases lung volume; improves awareness and control; helps prevent injury and side stitches; improves running for those with asthma; allows runners to quickly set a pace for quality training and racing; and helps athletes manage muscle cramps. This book reviews the basics of rhythmic breathing, teaching readers how to perform it while walking and, eventually, while running. Weeklong sample schedules from different programs shows readers how to apply the rhythmic breathing scale to any workout. Coates also touches on the importance of stretching, cross-training, and core training and provides detailed training plans and schedules.
From the sought-after trainer behind YouTube's #1 Fitness channel AthleanX, with 10 million followers across platforms, this is the new bible of bodybuilding, sharing Jeff Cavaliere's signature science-based approach to functional training. AthleanX puts the science into strength training. This unique strength training and conditioning program--including plans for nutrition and supplementation as well as step-by-step guides to the exercises--gives users the lean, muscular, functional bodies of professional athletes. Other fitness books and programs are based on a bodybuilding model, which can make you look stronger, but Jeff Cavaliere shows how to hit the gym without falling into the common "bro" traps: poor posture and flexibility, muscle imbalances, joint stiffness, pain, and injury. His sports-medicine-based approach centered on injury prevention has earned him his rabid, massive fanbase. His book will go deeper into his philosophy of functional training than he's been able to online, making this book a must-have for his fanatic audience. And it will include 100 step-by-step photos of Jeff demonstrating proper form for injury and pain prevention. And it will conclude with Jeff's essential program for intelligent training plus nutritional and supplementation plans.
Picture a former elite athlete, successful chiropractor, and father of five being told that he has a terminal brain tumour. When it happened to Keith Livingstone, he had every excuse to immerse himself into a dark maelstrom of hopelessness. With no known long-term survivors of glioblastoma multiforme at that time and with doctors unable to tell him how to get better, he was getting a death sentence. But he ignored the hopelessness of his situation and got on with the job of living, enjoying himself and making light of the situation. He also studied natural health and traditional medicine to see what he might do—if anything—to help his situation. Slowly and steadily, he has regained his health, with a couple of setbacks along the way. His progress would not have been possible if he had chosen to accept that he had a terminal condition. Join the author as he looks back at his early life, family, friends, and the philosophy that has helped him wage a brave battle staring down a beast.

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