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The Bible states that we should praise God for how wonderful and majestic he is. And we should. But is is possible that the God of the Universe desires to praise us? Could our awesome Creator actually want to praise his creation? During this six-week small-group Bible study, you'll explore Jesus' parable of the three servants in Matthew 25, and discover how to live well-invested life on this earth-one worthy of "heaven's praise." As we learn to carefully and humbly follow Jesus' teachings, God will respond with the praise he desires to give us. With God's help and grace, we'll honor and serve our Lord all the days and hours we have left on this earch, so that we can one day hear God say, "Well done!" So put your eyes toward heaven, and take the next steps towrad getting there!
This book is a dedication to Oprah Winfrey.
Find Your Riches in Presentation, Praise, a nd Power: "Spiritual Nuggets" is a compilation of inspirational thoughts a nd passages to bring out the best in you. the a uthor wanted to share his thoughts he has written over the years; various inspirational presentations so that you could do the same. It is intended to a ctivate your spiritual productivity in your presentations or for your time of meditation. It can serve a s a guide or paraclete in your Praise a nd Power moments. These presentations a re to be shared with a ll people to show respect a nd love, a nd a lso provide a testimony, regardless of race, religion or gender. Most of the works can produce within you the benefits of sharing your Praise a nd Power, based upon your presentation. These works can strengthen your prayer life; help overcome your shyness to give open praise, a nd your reluctance to welcome the Power of God. You can GIVE HIM PRAISE! and share the GOOD NEWS! You can freely present TRIBUTES to those that a re worthy. You can boldly stand because you know that FAITH IS POWER! Praise be to God in a llowing you to stand by giving him praise that He can increase your Power to break every chain!
Is it possible to spend an entire lifetime running as hard as you can, only to look up, sweaty and panting, and find that you’ve barely left the starting line? It’s very easy to get off track without the clear and steady voice of God directing and guiding you to the finish. But what does God’s voice sound like? What is He saying? Where is He leading? God speaks into the everyday life of the Christian, and the language He uses doesn’t require a seminary degree or a position on the church staff for understanding; God asks only for eyes to see and ears to hear. Fishermen and tax collectors learned many of their most valuable lessons when they followed Jesus out of the synagogues and into the streets, marketplaces, hillsides, and seas to discover how God still speaks. Let’s join the conversation!
Jesus Christ is the greatest man who ever walked on earth in a bodily form. He is the greatest teacher humanity ever known. He is the Only Savior of the Human soul. The Holy Spirit is continuing the works of Christ on earth working with and through the believers in Christ to bring salvation to lost souls. Take His Words and apply them for your daily victory. Good Morning Jesus & Holy Spirit devotional book feeds you every morning with a word from Jesus to meditate upon and to inspire you throughout the day. Jesus is the Word according to John 1:1 and a word from him will keep you close to him, thereby strengthening your relationship with God. The Holy Spirit takes the word of Jesus and makes it real and applicable. The Holy Spirit gives us insight, revelation, illumination, and inspiration through the words of Jesus Christ.

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