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THE PERFECT READ FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON It's time for the annual holiday letter from the Gillespie family.... New from the author of The House of Memories For the past thirty-three years, Angela Gillespie has sent to friends and family around the world an end-of-the-year letter titled “Hello from the Gillespies.” It’s always been cheery and full of good news. This year, Angela surprises herself—she tells the truth.... The Gillespies are far from the perfect family that Angela has made them out to be. Her husband is coping badly with retirement. Her thirty-two-year-old twins are having career meltdowns. Her third daughter, badly in debt, can’t stop crying. And her ten-year-old son spends more time talking to his imaginary friend than to real ones. Without Angela, the family would fall apart. But when Angela is taken away from them in a most unexpected manner, the Gillespies pull together—and pull themselves together—in wonderfully surprising ways… READERS GUIDE INCLUDED
From the international bestselling author of Hello from the Gillespies and The House of Memories comes the warm, funny story of a woman who defies her family’s expectations on a journey to redefine herself. For years, Sylvie Devereaux, the one member of her famous family of artists and designers who has no artistic talent at all, has been the “go to” person for their every practical need, and all of it has gone largely unappreciated. But her sister’s second wedding provides a moment of truth. During the reception, Great-Aunt Millicent publicly offers to hire Sylvie as her companion, so that they can be old maids together. Is that how people really think of her? Is that what she wants? Only her brother Sebastian seems to see Sylvie as a warm-hearted, talented woman who deserves a life of her own. With his encouragement, Sylvie begins to step out of her family’s shadow, but creating a future for herself isn’t as straightforward or predictable a process as she expects. And where she ends up surprises everyone, Sylvie most of all. Praise for Monica McInerney and her novels: “McInerney brings humor and insight into issues of sibling rivalry, family secrecy, and romantic betrayal.”—The Boston Globe “You’ll be laughing out loud one minute and crying the next.”—Cosmopolitan “Monica McInerney isn’t just one of my favorite writers from down under, but from anywhere.”—Sally Koslow, author of The Widow Waltz “[McInerney] brings Maeve Binchy readily to mind.”—The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, Australia) International bestselling writer Monica McInerney is the award-winning author of ten previous novels including Hello From the Gillespies and The House of Memories, one short-story collection, and numerous stories and articles. She grew up in Australia, one of seven children, and has split her time between Australia and Ireland for twenty years. Monica and her Irish husband currently live in Dublin, Ireland.
Tales from the Other Side is a Science-Fiction romp through an alternate universe.
Following the success of The Alien in the Garage, Rob Keeley’s new collection The (Fairly) Magic Show and other Stories comprises nine more children’s stories which combine fantasy elements with the reality of everyday life.
On a winter night on a remote Nebraska road, 27-year-old Mark Schluter flips his truck in a near-fatal accident. His older sister Karin, his only near kin, returns reluctantly to their hometown to nurse Mark back from a traumatic head injury. But when he emerges from a protracted coma, Mark believes that this woman–who looks, acts, and sounds just like his sister–is really an identical impostor. Shattered by her brother's refusal to recognize her, Karin contacts the cognitive neurologist Gerald Weber, famous for his case histories describing the infinitely bizarre worlds of brain disorder. Weber recognizes Mark as a rare case of Capgras Syndrome, a doubling delusion, and eagerly investigates. What he discovers in Mark slowly undermines even his own sense of being. Meanwhile, Mark, armed only with a note left by an anonymous witness, attempts to learn what happened the night of his inexplicable accident. The truth of that evening will change the lives of all three beyond recognition. Set against the Platte River's massive spring migrations–one of the greatest spectacles in nature–The Echo Maker is a gripping mystery that explores the improvised human self and the even more precarious brain that splits us from and joins us to the rest of creation. The Echo Maker is the winner of the 2006 National Book Award for Fiction.
A trip to Ireland to promote Australian food and wine, Maura Carmody can't wait to get going. But Maura has not planned for the whirlwind of mishaps, misunderstandings, ex-boyfriends and new rivals that await her in Ireland.

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