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We live in a high tech world. With digital televisions, computers, cell phones, IPODS, and video games out there, one can become overwhelmed. There’s technology out there to do almost everything for us. When was the last time you sat down with pen and paper and did a simple math problem? You know, add, subtract, multiply, or divide. Calculators and computers can do this for us. Most of us have to do business with banks. Many of you have felt that you’ve been cheated or just plain taken advantage of by banks. There are high interest rates, overdraft fees, other fees and other hidden cost. You might be surprised to find out that banks will take money from your account without any accountability. You had better brush up on your math skills. I served in the United States Air Force and lived in several states and in Great Britain. Over the past 38 years, I’ve had bank accounts in the United States and abroad. My story is about my encounters with only four of these banks. One good and three that was not so pleasant. Money was taken from my accounts without accountability. I’ll show you how I was able to keep track of their actions and finally what I did about it.
Detective Chet Gecko and his associate, Natalie Attired, take a case tailing what they think is a cheating boyfriend but are instead led to a school mystery that involves blackmail and robots.
Running for Redemption is teenage author Lance Huffman's rich, allusion-filled tome on the American Dream. Huffman's first book is a collection of eight personal and charming stories with wildly diverse characters and unique plots including: A tribute to the author's lost friend. A young executive's Hitchcock-esque search for a mysterious girl in New York City. The suburban fairy tale of a teen girl, her trusty tennis racket, and a mythical beast. An allegorical treatment of the September 11th attacks. A political boss' effort to destroy his own machine in the Depression-Era South. The messianic tale of a girl struggling with an eating disorder. And other stories. Huffman's insightful stories are layered with symbolism, making for an interesting thought-provoking read. Huffman's distinctive youthful viewpoint and mature writing style appeal to the gamut of readers from teens to adults. His celebration of deliverers and the delivered will be a cherished addition to any library. "Whether I chase the rabbit or the rabbit chases me, I do not know. I am running for redemption, stalking salvation in alleys, on sidewalks, and across the shoulders of highways." From Memoriam Wrapped with a Purple Bow
In the same engaging style that has endeared him to readers of Mindfulness In Plain English, Bhante Gunaratana delves deeply into each step of the Buddha's most profound teaching on bringing an end to suffering: the noble eightfold path. With generous and specific advice, Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness offers skillful ways to handle anger, to find right livelihood, and to cultivate loving-friendliness in relationships with parents, children, and partners, as well as tools to overcome all the mental hindrances that prevent happiness. Whether you are an experienced meditator or someone who's only just beginning, this gentle and down-to-earth guide will help you bring the heart of the Buddha's teachings into every aspect of your life. A Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Awards finalist (Spirituality/Inspirational).
Considered one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia has long been the site for Western fantasies about paradise. Millions of tourists visit the Island of the Gods every year, from families treating the kids to a beach holiday to single men looking for cheap booze and sex. And for many young Westerners and Singaporeans, hardcore partying in Bali has become a rite of passage, but it is not without pitfalls. Bali is a rough place, as dangerous a place as you will ever encounter. What you don’t see in the glossy brochures is the rampant prostitution, the prevalence of AIDS, the bloody turf wars waged between local gangs and the drug- and alcohol-induced Western hooliganism. Tourists are robbed, raped and murdered and Westerners get into vicious fights amongst themselves and with Indonesians on a regular basis. In this extraordinary exposé, Australian author and Bali resident Malcolm Scott reveals the raw underbelly of Bali. He walks readers down Bali’s mean streets with honesty, humour and gritty realism and offers up a Bali choking with violent street fights, cheap sex and aggressive crime. Bali Raw is a must-read for anyone who has visited, or is thinking of travelling to, Indonesia’s Island of the Gods.
After Robin Kerr is abducted from mainstream America, she slowly adapts to her new life in the backwoods of Madewell Mountain with the aid of the pets and the spirit that communicate with her.
The first book to examine identity theft from the offender's perspective

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