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Herbal remedies can provide safe and effective treatment for common childhood ailments ranging from diaper rash and teething to sore throats and conjunctivitis. In this Storey BASICS® guide, Rosemary Gladstar shows you how to prepare soothing salves, syrups, tablets, and teas that support children’s health. With simple instructions, clear dosage guidelines, and in-depth profiles of 24 medicinal herbs, you’ll soon be confidently easing your child’s achy flu with some hibiscus tea and using the healing properties of nettles to combat bouts of hay fever.
Provides effective herbal remedies for a chlid's health and care
Includes herbal recipes, first aid treatments, and natural strategies for common ailments
"A complete medical resource book on holistic pediatrics and natural treatment for children"--Provided by publisher.
What's going on with your Kids? Perhaps you've seen a raised red spot on your daughter's skin after he's been jumping in the park.Maybe you hear your girl constipating after eating a particular MEAL. Or you might notice your pre-teen pulling his ears repeatedly as he wheels the lawnmower back into the carport.The children described above may be showing signs of an allergic reaction. Common allergy triggers include dust, insect stings, certain medications, and some foods!Also...Do you know Herbal remedies can provide safe and effective treatment for common childhood ailments ranging from anxiety and sleeping apnea to sore throats and Earaches? In complete "Medicinal Herbs Handbook for Children's Health," Albert M. Sandler reveals the: -Ten (10) Medicinal Plants and Their Uses for Children-Fifteen (15) Constipation Home Remedies for Children-The Eleven (11) Natural Ways to get rid of Cough in Children.-The Eight (8) Home Remedies for Earaches in Children - Very Fast Ear Pain Relief-10 Powerful tested-and-trusted-Natural Remedies for Kids-Six (6) Bed Wetting Solutions for Children (BONUS)With simple instructions, clear dosage guidelines, and an in-depth explanation of over 100 medicinal herbs, you'll soon be confidently easing your child's earaches with coconut oil or olive oil and using the healing properties of honey to combat cough and Lemon Balm for Cold Sores!
An alphabetical listing of common childhood disorders and their treatments lists both conventional and alternative options and provides the histories and applications of each therapy.
The director of the American Herb Association presents all-natural, low-cost remedies for common and serious ailments, along with tips on choosing herbal products, a cooking guide, suggestions for using herbs in skin care, and much more. Reprint.
Based on the research and clinical experience of America's leading children's hospital, this reference work, several years in the making, is the most complete and authoritative guide to child health and development ever published. Three essential parts form this unique work: a detailed account of all aspects of normal development from birth through the school years, a carefully designed emergency section, and a comprehensive guide to every common illness or condition that affects children.For the first time, a single work offers parents all the medical, psychological, and practical information they need to raise healthy children from birth through elementary school. Packed full of information on symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, vital, up-to-date advice for choosing medical care and insurance, and finding good childcare, the Children's Hospital Guide includes the charts of normal development at all ages, and a comprehensive resource section.
Herbalist Demetria Clark shares her wealth of knowledge and experience to provide a practical guide for dealing with common childhood health issues. Both parents and health practitioners alike will find immense value in these time - tested, safe herbal therapies. Easy - to - use, the comprehensive manual offers a treasury of practical recipes for reliable, age - appropriate remedies; insight into why medicinal herbs are effective, and which conditions they treat; advice on gathering, preserving, and storing fresh herbs; and traditional techniques for making herbal teas, infusions, and salves. An understanding about the underlying cause of the imbalance is followed by recommendations for several effective herbal remedies that are known to work well. Learn what to have on hand for an herbal medicine chest and herbal first aid kit to cautions as well as guidelines for when it might be necessary to call in a health care professional. Throughout history, the use of herbs in healing can be found in traditional and indigenous cultures the world over. Herbal medicine has always been the people's medicine, and many families are drawn to it as part of a holistic lifestyle. Herbal Healing for Children helps parents access this wisdom to make the best possible choice when it comes to their children's healthcare.
Arranged alphabetically, each volume provides in-depth coverage of pediatric diseases and disorders, along with issues related to physical and cognitive/behavioral development.
"Fifty-five common pediatric conditions are comprehensively discussed, with diagnostic and evidence-based treatment information, followed by authoritative information on the major CAM therapies available for treatment of the condition. Whenever possible, an integrative approach that combines conventional and alternative approaches is presented."--BOOK JACKET.
"What greater investment can a nation make than in the health of its children? Yet tragically, until the twentieth century nearly half of all children in the United States died before reaching adolescence." "The history of children's health in America - its evalutian from the rudimentary ministrations of colonial times to the comprehensive care afforded children today - is a fascinating story, not just of medical advances but of society's changing perspectives and emphases, and of the roles religion, philosophy, and science have played in children's health care." ""To understand the history of children's health in America, we must move beyond political campaigns, industrialization, and even the startling science of the physician and instead emphasize the home and the hearth as much more dramatic determinants of the health of American children," asserts Charles R. King, M.D., in this inaugural volume in Twayne's History of American Childhood Series. Arranged chronologically, the book provides an absorbing survey of children's health from colonial times to the present - from the influence of Rousseau to the focus on motherhood, from the rise of "pediatrists" to the growth of the "child saving" movement, and from the 1921 legislation heralding the government's first major involvement in children's health to the tremendous achievements of modern pediatric science and the growing recognition that children's health encompasses sociocultural as well as medical issues. Meticulously researched and illuminated with numerous quotations from child-rearing manuals, diaries, and letters, Children's Health in America will be of value to historians, health care professionals, students - and all those interested in the well-being of American children, past and present. Included in the volume are illustrations, a chronology, and suggestions for further reading."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Best-selling author Rosemary Gladstar, long known for her outstanding recipes, now customizes her expertise for men. Dozens of delicious and simple formulas address men’s most common health concerns — including sexual vitality, prostate well-being, and heart health. An A-to-Z compendium of these ailments details how to effectively treat them using a variety of safe and easy natural remedies. In-depth profiles of 29 herbs explain how men will benefit from each and suggest uses and accessible preparation tips. This handy guidebook for men — and the women who love them — provides a helpful introduction to this crucial, but often-overlooked, aspect of natural wellness.
One of America's foremost herbalists provides concise, simple-to-understand, and practical information for using herbs for health and well-being. Each book contains profiles of specific herbs, cautions, contraindications, and easy-to-make recipes to relieve common ailments.
Lists mail order sources; books, newsletters, and videos; national and local organizations; public gardens; and festivals related to herbs and herbiculture
This comprehensive, user-friendly volume by one of the most highly trained medical herbalists in America has all the information parents need to safeguard and improve the health of their babies and children utilizing proper diet, supplementation and herbs. Particular emphasis is placed on strengthening the young immune system, with chapters on managing allergies and avoiding the damaging overuse of antibiotics. The heart of the book features an A-to-Z compilation of more than 50 common childhood complaints from colic and cradle cap through sinusitis and sleeplessness to warts and whooping cough, with recipes and remedies for easing discomfort and healing from the inside out.

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