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The Hidden Mysteries is about how you personally can begin to have a better life and how you can affect change, gleaned from our individual ideals, beliefs and understanding.
The Essenes, the Kahunas of Hawaii, Pan and the nature kingdom, the angelic kingdom, the Vedas and Upanishads, the Kabbalah, the Yoga sutras of Patanjali, the Egyptian mysteries, and The Keys of Enoch: These profound spiritual teachings, unknown to so many on our planet, are a valuable resource to anyone wishing to move further along the path to enlightenment and ascension. This book contains a wealth of information on esoteric teachings, from the ancient mystery schools to the recently founded religions. More than a mere retelling of well-known facts, the story begins with what may be the most elusive knowledge of our time —that of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth.
1912 a treatise to elucidate the reason of occult potentiality of numbers & provide simple methods of calculation. What is a Name?; the Alphabet & the Secret of Numbers' Potentiality; the Time & its Relation to Number; the rules & Practical Examples.
Extemporaneous talks given by the author in Mumbai, India.
The Old Testament and the Gospels have three levels of interpretation: historical, Christological, and prophetic. Because Christ is fully revealed in the New Testament, the epistles have only two levels, the historical and the prophetic. Much is lost when Christians only see and study the Scriptures from the historical vintage point. Rightly Dividing the Word reveals these hidden prophetic treasures to the discerning student.
History Of Hidden Mysteries & Other Stories gives definitive expression to many of Faith's key themes: the sadness of untimely death; the hidden secretes of man's nature that destroyed families; the innocent loss of young lives and the joys of doing good. Her first collection of short stories charts unexplained incidents and draws inspirations from the authors vision on the hidden mysteries, activities, events and everyday happenings that are interrupting and changing people's lives. For she knew that the spirits of this world contain dark mysteries that can never be understood or uncovered by slothful hypothesis.
Each separate story in this book has its own lesson. Some stories are filled with mystery and some are humorous while some are tragic but all of them end with a lesson and a happily-ever-after kind of thing! All of the stories in this book are fiction and they include talking animals and also real people.

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