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An ideal hands-on guidebook with step-by-step instructions on sourcing, grinding, seasoning, casing, preserving, and cooking sausage.
Think Beyond the Link You don’t have to be an expert cook or have a fancy kitchen to make sausage at home. If you simply think beyond the link, you’ll find a whole world of sausage possibilities. Patties, meatballs, fish balls, veg balls, meat loaf—these are all sausages without casings that are every bit as savory and satisfying as their linked cousins. And, since they do not require special equipment, they are a snap to make at home. In Sausage, Victoria Wise shares more than 75 recipes for easy-to-make, no-casing-required pork, beef, lamb, poultry, seafood, and even vegetarian sausages, including innovative recipes that turn them into sophisticated meals. An inviting and wonderfully diverse collection from all around the globe, this compendium features European classics, American mainstays, Asian favorites, Middle Eastern inspirations, and sausages African in origin. You will find dishes for every meal and occasion, such as Rustic Cornmeal Pancakes Dappled with American Breakfast Sausage and Slicked with Maple Syrup; Lunch Pie, aka Quiche, with Toulouse Sausage and Spinach; Vietnamese-Style Beef Sausage and Vegetable Spring Rolls with Mint Dipping Sauce; and Merguez and Apple Tagine over Couscous with Harissa. For those who like their sausage in traditional links, Wise offers expert direction for stuffing sausage into casings. Beautifully written and photographed, Sausage is the only book of its kind. Its array of inventive sausages and sausage-centric dishes are inspiration for both the new and the well-seasoned cook. Making sausage at home has never been so easy—nor the results so delicious. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Who isn’t a huge fan of sausage? With their meaty and salty taste, there are many different dishes that you can make utilizing sausage that everyone will be one that your friends and family will love. If you are a fan of sausages and have been looking for the ultimate guide to sausage making, then this is the perfect book for you. Inside of this book not only will you learn how to cook sausage in six different ways that you can easily do within the comfort of your own home, but you will discover over 25 delicious homemade sausage recipes that will help you to do just that. So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy of this book and start cooking sausage today!
Making sausage, mankind's most delectable meat-delivery system, is now within reach for all home chefs and barbecue junkies. Join BBQ master Karsten "Ted" Aschenbrandt as he demonstrates how to make the perfect sausage. From raw ingredients to kitchen gear and gadgets to secret tips for better flavor, this cookbook covers everything you need to know in easy illustrated steps. Packed with nearly 30 different sausage recipes from around the world, you will learn classic styles from the different regions of Germany, including the Berlin currywurst and a bratwurst from Rhineland, as well as merguez, chorizo, and an apple and onion brat. The Perfect Sausage also features 26 recipes you can prepare to showcase your homemade sausage, including sausage pie, sausage and bread shish kebabs, and merguez with tomato polenta. Rounded out with detailed grilling techniques, this is a must-have addition to any grill enthusiast's library.
Limpy's Homemade Sausage explains how to make all types of mouthwatering sausage from various types of meats. Explained in detail: meat types and body parts, field dressing, grinding, making a home smoker, smoking, brining, sausage casings, spices, making fresh or smoked sausage, 28 sausage recipes plus many complimentary food and bread recipes, fully illustrated with photos and diagrams. Expertly and easily explained steps. Names and addresses for supplies. Sausage making is fun and easy and you and your family will love the results!
If you have ever tried a homemade sausage, you know it's worlds different in flavor compared to the store-made once. That's why experienced cooks always say once you prepared your first sausage, you'll never get back to buying them. It's an undeniable truth that a sausage made in your own kitchen from natural ingredients is always a perfect companion for any event, such as a picnic, barbecue with neighbors, family gathering or any holiday dinner. However, many people consider that sausage making is a rather difficult and time-consuming process and just opt for store-made ones. And this one-of-a-kind sausage cookbook is here to help you master the essentials of sausage-making process, learn what equipment you will need to have on hand, and just try diverse recipes to find out which one you like the most. And be sure, once you get a hold of all the nuts and bolts, you won't spend more than 30 minutes on making your own terrific homemade sausage. The newbies into sausage making will find here basic recipes, made of various types of meat, and detailed instructions to guide throughout the entire process as well few tricks to learn the technique of manual stuffing and the one using special equipment.For more experienced cooks, there is a section dedicated to curing anddrying meat recipes, which requires extra effort, yet the results merit all thechallenges, as you all get the most delicious, organic sausage you have evertried. In addition, in The most practical cookbook about homemade sausage.How to turn the sausage-making process into a fun and easy experience, you will find expert tips and recommendations on choosing the needed equipment, as well as colorful photos coming with each recipe. Don't waste your time, get this homemade sausage cookbook today and start your journey into the inimitable sausage
Features sixty-five recipes for all meats including game and seafood. Also includes delicious recipes for vegetarian sausages and home-made condiments.

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