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This collection of Inkpug's illustrated pug-themed poetry covers a range of pressing and scandalous topics such as food, more food, pug aesthetics, and stunning physical prowess.
Over the past decade there have been significant shifts both in feminist approaches to the field of eating disorders and in the ways in which gender, bodies, body weight, body management and food are understood, represented and regulated within the dominant cultural milieus of the early twenty-first century. Critical Feminist Approaches to Eating Dis/Orders addresses these developments, exploring how eating disordered subjectivities, experiences and body management practices are theorised and researched within postmodern and post-structuralist feminist frameworks. Bringing together an international range of cutting-edge, contemporary feminist research and theory on eating disorders, this book explores how anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and obesity cannot be adequately understood in terms of individual mental illness and deviation from the norm but are instead continuous with the dominant cultural ideas and values of contemporary cultures. This book will be essential reading for academic, graduate and post-graduate researchers with an interest in eating disorders and critical feminist scholarship, across a range of disciplines including psychology, sociology, cultural studies and gender studies as well as clinicians interested in exploring innovative theory and practice in this field.
In recent years, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of people involved in exercise activity- and also a steady increase of individuals with eating disorders. Is there a common psychological and/or physiological link between these two activities? Are they different but related symptoms of a society in which success or happiness has been redefined as getting in shape and controlling calories? This groundbreaking volume provides the first in-depth study of the linkages between these two apparently disparate conditions. It focuses on the many similarities between eating disordered individuals and compulsive athletes and advances the provocative theory that both are part of the larger category- the activity disorder.
Some special issues devoted to the literatures of other minorities.
A comprehensive update of psychiatric disorders and their treatment. This 2nd Edition defines treatment in terms of DSM-IV. Features chapters on personality testing and cross-cultural issues as used in psychopharmacology, treatment in the primary care setting, and medication usage during pregnancy.
This book aims to provide readers with a theoretical and practical update on the advances in psychiatry.
Developed by the APA to assist in clinical decision making, the "Practice Guidelines" series has become an invaluable resource to help benchmark care strategies for 11 common mental disorders. The APA makes "Practice Guidelines" available to help improve patient care and give members access to the latest information and research. Intended as a professional resource and not a "standard of care," the "Practice Guidelines" provide convenient summaries of what we know about key mental disorders and the effectiveness of specific treatments. The eleven "Practice Guidelines" are: Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias Of Late Life Bipolar Disorder, Second Edition Borderline Personality Disorder Delirium Eating Disorders, Second Edition HIV/AIDS Major Depressive Disorder, Second Edition Panic Disorder Psychiatric Evaluation Of Adults Schizophrenia Substance Use Disorder: Alcohol, Cocaine, Opioids These guidelines help you: Understand clinical features and symptoms Make a confident differential diagnosis Evaluate interventions commonly used to treat specific disorders Select the appropriate site of service Educate the patient and family Assess the efficacy and risks of available medications Develop an individualized treatment plan
A latest edition of a comprehensive supplement for students and self-help readers, written by an award-winning clinical practitioner, provides accessible coverage of topics ranging from child psychology and personality disorders to mood-altering drugs and forensics. Original.

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