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HE was the chief's cousin... Namoriee knew the only way to protect herself against the blond-haired gentle giant was to stay away. The way her heart pounded and her insides fluttered when he was near could only lead to disaster. Two years ago he made a promise to her that she never thought he intended to keep. She was wrong. SHE was the handmaiden... Tyronian wanted Namoriee even when he knew he couldn't have her. The need to possess her was so deep, it took every ounce of mental and physical strength he had to keep the promise he made to her that stormy night. He promised he would wait until she was older. He promised her two years. But now... time's up. Namoriee wants nothing to do with him but he has no plans on stopping until she's in his bed, and he's in her heart. She will be his. Forever. Whether she likes it or not.
No matter the cost in blood and sacrificeFreedom! An ancient evil long forgotten has returned to stalk the world when the dreaded tome of Morgan le Fay is unearthed. As malevolence grows and a dark plague spreads, the fragile peace in Scotland is shattered by invasion. With conquest and foul slavery at hand the only hope for humanity, at the dawn of that new age, rests upon the war-weary shoulders of bloodied Highland clans, the aid of bold Irish warriors and legendary riders of the Sidhe. The unlikely allies must make a desperate stand or see a diabolical enemy vanquish all!
With our American Military series, Applewood reissues many primary sources published throughout American history. Through these books, soldiers, scholars, interpreters, students, and others interested in military history can see the wars and battles and losses and triumphs of Americans who came before us
In the mystical realm of the Seven Circles, all races have lived in harmony within their own spheres. Now, in the final installment of this trilogy from author Douglas Niles, they must band together to fight the ultimate evil. The threat of war has loomed over the spheres of the Seven Circles for more than five decades—and now the enemy has finally advanced, forcing the creatures of this peace-loving world into violent battle. If they lose, the Seven Circles will belong to Karlath-Fayd—a brutal Deathlord whose rule promises everlasting misery. Their only hope rests with the magic of the druids—the most evolved beings of all—who have summoned legendary warriors of the past to fight alongside an army that encompasses all the races. And as they confront the evil that has descended upon them, Miradel, the druid priestess who has saved her home twice before, journeys to the center of the world—to discover once and for all why the Seven Circles have been engulfed by this enduring darkness, and what can be done to end it. “Niles has again conceived a fantasy setting of great richness and scope.”—Publishers Weekly “Absolutely nobody builds a more convincing fantasy realm than Doug Niles.”—R. A. Salvatore, bestselling author of The Demon Awakens “Niles…writes so well that his characters come to life after only a few lines.”—Starlog
★★★★★ "Nothing like you think it is going to be, but way way better." Adama is ready to see the world burn – just to find Rahab. In a future where a digital border divides the Global Cities and anarchic Outer Areas, people live in fear and hatred on both sides. Adama is a medic whose world is turned upside down: On the same day, he witnesses a terrorist attack in the middle of London and outsiders kidnap him to treat the sick in Outer Area Three, a small village in the Scottish Highlands. Here, he meets Rahab – a woman he had grown up with – who has turned her back on society and joined the 'terrorists'. While still questioning his preconceptions, Adama unwillingly causes a violent governmental raid to wipe out the village, murder innocents and deport Rahab into prison. Ruled by rage and guilt, he sets out on a quest across the British Isles against an unassailable enemy – to find and free Rahab. But this quest leads him to shocking secrets about the Global Union, the future of the world and his own past. And it makes him ignite a spark that could turn into an uncontrollable fire: an Uprising. This box set includes: Book 1: Prometheus Rising Book 2: Prometheus Falling The Prometheus Dystopian Trilogy is for those who enjoy dystopian sci-fi told through the viewpoint of unique characters and flavored with epic settings, historical battles and a mixture of science and mythological elements. Get those two books in a discounted box set!
Havgan of Corania knows he is different from others, but he does not know why. He does know, however, that he adamantly hates the witches of Kymru. When he becomes Warleader of Corania, he sets the might of his empire against them and their country. Gwydion the Dreamer and his friend Rhiannon travel to Corania to spy on Havgan after Gwydion?s dream reveals Havgan?s imperialistic desires. In their frantic attempt to save Kymru, they risk everything. But when a thoughtless action threatens to doom them all, Gwydion and Rhiannon must fight not only to discover Havgan?s secret but also to understand why Havgan seems so hauntingly familiar.

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