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This book tackles that age old question of meaning and the Question of What is this thing called Go(o)d? by using the analogy of a tree. It first sets out to devise the seed of the research by giving some definitions of what the author thinks Go(o)d is. Or you might say Go(o)d's, reason for being. It's essence. Then the earliest sources of the Jesus story are examined. The roots. Finally, a big picture examination of history, the branches and canopy, reveals a theory with five related corruptions to the religious story.
Knee-slapping fun for everyone! Well-known humorist and columnist Roger Welsch recalls with wit the missteps, mishaps, and local characters he encountered along the way to fixing up a pile of rusty sheet metal to a beautifully restored Allis Chalmers WC he lovingly refers to as Woodpecker. Listen-in as Roger tells the humorous story of the challenge that led to the Woodpeckers restoration, and the victory party that followed.
This is the incredible story of friendship brought about by the game of Bridge. Two young women meet when their children begin Kindergarten. Their story continues as told in this book. One has a fascination for Bridge and teaches her new friend the game. We learn about the four women that play together and the absolute fun they have. There is tragedy entwined at their game table. It also includes the husbands and children as a fun group over the years. They are from very different backgrounds which we learn little of, yet it is enough. However, one of the women has a background she is unwilling to share at all. In the end, we learn why. On a trip to celebrate their almost 30 year friendship, Kate and Simone fly to NYC to shop, see theater and enjoy wonderful restaurants. Naturally, the Bridge cards go along for 2-handed Bridge like these two have enjoyed during their friendship. On most of the journey they are playing in the airplane. During the trip, the past thirty years is remembered by Kate, the main character in the book who is narrating the story. Kate is thinking about the present, and the past, alternating between the two time-frames, going back, and then returning to the present; back and forth. Some she keeps to herself and some she discusses with Simone. One of the husbands is a wealthy philanthropic father of twins, murdered for no reason. His father-in-law, the Chief-of Police cant solve the crime and it goes cold. It was a brutal murder for no reason. There had been a stranger lurking they knew nothing about. The book spans Kates first marriage and takes you into her second. It takes you graphically into both bedrooms. This book does not fail to knock on any bedroom doors. In the end, much is learned about their friend that never wanted to share her past
Q: How does a thirty-five-year-old newspaper reporter with a vanilla-sounding name like Jenny George know so much about men? A: She doesn't. When her live-in boyfriend made a relationship trade-in (for the lingerie model starring in the ad campaign Jenny created) she realized she knew nothing about men. But Jenny is about to be clued in. Assigned to the Caribbean to write an exposé on a womanizing Hollywood movie tycoon, she's pitted against the tough-talking journalist and bane of her existence, Slaid Warren. Slaid takes issue with Jenny's quest to be the best and sets out to show her 1) There's more to life than just work; 2) They're stronger when they work as a team and not at cross-purposes and 3) He really does live up to all his hype. Armed with these new insights—and a killer tan—Jenny suddenly couldn't care less about what men want. Instead, she's launching her own plan that's guaranteed to give her exactly what she needs….
Best friends and flatmates Foxy-T and Ruji-Babes run the E-Z Call Telephone and Internet shop in the heart of Bangladeshi East London. It's a twelve-hour day running the E-Z Call and Foxy-T and Ruji-Babes don't get out much, but they have each other and eat their take-outs by candlelight . . . And all seems cool until Zafar Iqbal turns up on their doorstep looking for his grandad. Fresh from Feltham Young Offenders Centre and with a taste for the weed, Zafar's presence rapidly upsets the balance at the E-Z Call . . .

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