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Introduces the science and technology of planes, discusses what keeps them in the air, and shares facts and statistics about flying.
This stunningly illustrated guide to flying is the only book of its type on the market, with accessible and vibrant text that takes the reader through the basics of flight and gives them a taster of what it's like to pilot eight extraordinary planes. It targets the tens of thousands of serious would-be pilots around the world and the far larger number of people who dream about flying, appealing to their core emotions on the subject while also providing vital practical information.
Looking for a gift for a pilot or student pilot? This blank notebook with ruled pages looks like a real book so it's perfect for pranks. Product details: Trim size: 6" x 9" Page count: 100 wide ruled lined pages Cover: Soft, Glossy Binding: Perfect, Non-spiral Click the orange "Add to Cart" or "Buy now with 1-Click" to get this sketch book!
This booklet is presented with the hope that it will help you understand the basic flight principles and appreciate the many benefits of flying. A series of charts acquaints you with the construction of the Piper Cub Trainer. Simple descriptions and photographs take you, step-by-step, through a typical flight lesson. If you study the charts, descriptions and photographs carefully, it will be a great help when you take actual flying lessons in a Piper Cub. You’ll be a big jump ahead of those who do not understand the fundamentals covered in this booklet. We trust that “How to Fly a Piper Cub” will pave the way for your flight instruction and lead to many happy hours in the air for you. This classic is organized as follows: Learn to Fly… It’s Easy, Practical, Pleasant, Economical! Piper Cub Super Cruiser Piper Cub Trainer Piper Cub Sea Scout Specifications Learning about the Piper Cub Trainer Movement of Controls and Their Effect Upon Attitude of the Piper Cub You, Too, Can Fly! A Word of Advice From the Instructor From the Cockpit of a Cub! Good Pilots Keep Their Heads—Loose! Wind Drift Correction Some Maneuvers That Only Experienced Fliers Can Do
Down through the years with my unusual amount of engine failures, over 18, most pilots with total engine failures usually died. Also, how many 16 year old teenagers have thumbed and hopped the freight trains to see the states from coast to coast and border to border, starting with a twenty dollar bill? Not only is this an interesting, fun read, but it has some simple rules that help to keep pilots in general aviation alive, even the best. Before retiring from the airline, I met a flight instructor that had instructed at the same airport in Monroeville years before. He was an excellent pilot. He told me he was ferrying airplanes all over the world, even single engine aircraft. I was amazed that he would fly over the ocean to reach some of the countries with a single engine airplane. The last thing I asked him, "What will you do if the engine quits?" He just laughed. A few years later his picture was on the front page of a Pittsburgh newspaper. He was flying near the Canary Islands and his engine quit. They never found him. So, if you have any pilot friends, you may want to give them a copy of this book if only to read the chapter on, "Staying Alive."
WITH A NEW EPILOGUE BY THE AUTHOR World-class free climber Steph Davis delivers a “thrilling and infectiously interesting” (San Francisco Book Review) memoir about rediscovering herself through love, loss, and the joy of letting go. The paperback includes a new epilogue in which Davis shares how her husband Mario’s tragic accident has affected her relationship to climbing and flying. Steph Davis is a superstar in the climbing community and has ascended some of the world’s most challenging and awe-inspiring peaks. But after her first husband makes a controversial climb in a national park, the media fallout escalates rapidly and in one fell swoop leaves her without a partner, a career, a source of income...or a purpose. In the company of only her beloved dog, Fletch, Davis sets off on a search for a new identity and discovers skydiving. Falling out of an airplane is completely antithetical to the climber’s control she’d practiced for so long, but she perseveres, turning each daring jump into an opportunity to fly, first as a skydiver, then as a base jumper. As she opens herself to falling, she also finds the strength to open herself to love again, even in the wake of heartbreak. And before too long, she meets someone who shares her passion for living life to the limit. With gorgeous black-and-white photos throughout, Learning to Fly is Davis’s fascinating account of her transformation. From her early tentative skydives, to zipping into her first wingsuit, to surviving devastating accidents against the background of breathtaking cliffs, to soaring beyond her past limits, she discovers new hope and joy in letting go.

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