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Nearly 70% of students graduate with close to $30,000 in debt. But you don't have to be one of them! In these pages, acclaimed author Kristina Ellis walks you through the wide world of college-finance options, presenting tips, secrets, and strategies so you can develop a personalized plan. A plan to overcome obstacles and get your degree debt-free. With Kristina as your mentor, you'll discover how to: -Establish a winning money mindset -Save up and cut costs before you get to campus -Figure out the dollars and sense of financial aid -Secure your share of free cash for college -Earn money to pay as you go -Choose a school and a major that's worth it -Stretch your funds when every penny counts With determination, the right information, and a well-planned strategy, you can earn that career-advancing degree and graduate from college debt-free. #NotGoingBroke
Tells students how to stay out of debt by taking simple and easy measures, while still having the time of their lives at college.
"What every parent needs to know in order to pay cash for college. Most people believe that student loans are the only way to pay for college. That's why we have a $1.5 trillion student loan crisis in the US and over 40 million Americans are saddled with student loan debt. But there is another way. Debt Free Degree teaches parents how their kid can graduate from college without debt, even if they haven't saved for it. It also shows parents how to prepare their child for college, covering topics like what classes to take in high school, when to start testing, how to do college visits, and how to choose a major. Every parent wants the best for their child. Graduating from college without debt is not only possible-it positions both parents and students to win with money for life"--
Today in the United States, students are graduating from college already in debt from student loans and beginning their careers in an uncertain economy. Statistics have shown that freshman college students are stressednot about their grades or about doing wellbut rather about the debt they are already accumulating. But is it really possible to graduate from college debt-free? John Lane did, and with his guidebook HOW TO GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE DEBTFREE, he can teach you how to do the same. Recent college graduate John Lane combines mini-workshops with concrete concepts, interactive exercises, and personal stories in order to provide a complete guide on how students can embark on a successful journey to receiving a college education while becoming financially self-sufficient and paying for education costs at the same time. While encouraging students to be proactive in earning funds prior to attending college, Lane also underlines the importance of setting financial goals, creating affirmations, and developing personal declarations. HOW TO GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE DEBT-FREE provides valuable information for any high school or current college students who wants to gain financial freedom and independence and throw their cap in the air on graduation day knowing they are debt-free!
You don’t have to spend decades paying off your student loans! You can destroy your debt fast and live a life of freedom. You’ve been lied to: there’s no such thing as good debt. Debt sucks. Period. And that includes student loan debt. No matter what you believed—or were told—when you took out your loans, you need to get serious about getting rid of your debt fast, because it’s costing you more than you know. That’s why bestselling author Anthony ONeal wrote this motivating 64-page Quick Read—to show you why you need to dump your debt fast and how to do it. If you have student loan debt and have never heard of Ramsey Solutions or the 7 Baby Steps, this 64-page Quick Read is for you. Anthony will walk you step-by-step through Baby Steps 1 and 2 to show you how to dump your debt forever. You’ll learn: -The ugly truth about how debt hurts you -The importance of an emergency fund and how to budget (Baby Step 1) -The power of the debt snowball (Baby Step 2) -Exactly what to do to pay off your student loans faster -How to control your money so it doesn’t control you -You’ll also hear stories from real people about how they paid off their debt fast You don’t need relief from your debt, you need to get mad at it. Because the truth is, when you get mad enough, you can pay off your loans faster than you ever thought possible—and take control of your money, and your life, for good! Don’t let anything stand in the way of your future. This plan has helped millions get out of debt and you’re next. You can do this! (Ramsey Press)
SMART and SAVVY WAYS TO PAY FOR COLLEGE...WITH NO DEBT (OR as Little as Possible) With college graduates earning over a million dollars more than high school grads will earn during the course of their lifetime, getting a college degree is incredibly important. However, the cost of college keeps rising and navigating the maze of financial aid options grows more challenging every year. This book is a comprehensive guide to saving for college, scholarships, financial assistance and more. YOU WILL DISCOVER: How to use the net price calculator to figure out the school's actual cost Creative strategies to minimize your college debt Loan forgiveness programs to reduce college debt after you graduate Options for cutting college costs What scholarships are available and how to apply for them Which tax credits can be used by students and their parents How to complete the FAFSA and PROFILE financial aid applications"
This book can save you more than $100,000. These days, most people assume you need to pay a boatload of money for a quality college education. As a result, students and their parents are willing to go into years of debt and potentially sabotage their entire financial futures just to get a fancy name on their diploma. But Zac Bissonnette is walking proof that this assumption is not only false, but dangerous-a class con game designed to rip you off and doom your student to a post-graduation life of near poverty . From his unique double perspective-he's a personal finance expert (at Daily Finance) AND a current senior at the University of Massachusetts-Zac figured out how to get an outstanding education at a public college, without bankrupting his parents or taking on massive loans. Armed with his personal knowledge, the latest data, and smart analysis, Zac takes on the sacred cows of the higher education establishment. He reveals why a lot of the conventional wisdom about choosing and financing college is not only wrong but hazardous to you and your child's financial future. You'll discover, for instance, that: * Student loans are NOT a necessary evil. Ordinary middle class families can- and must-find ways to avoid them, even without scholarships. * College "rankings" are useless-designed to sell magazines and generate hype. If you trust one of the major guides when picking a college, you face a potential financial disaster. * The elite graduate programs accept lots of people with non-elite bachelors degrees. So do America's most selective employers. The name on a diploma ultimately won't help your child have a more successful career or earn more money. Zac can prove every one of those bold assertions - and more. No matter what your current financial situation, he has a simple message for parents: "RELAX! Your kid will be able to get a champagne education on a beer budget!"
Five college students, fifteen years of college between them, one plan: no debt. IT CAN BE DONE.
According to a recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics, an estimated 65 percent of recent college graduates are burdened by student loans. Although the average debt is $19,000, loans can exceed $50,000 and may be much higher for those who attend graduate school, law school, or medical school. Many students, faced with the task of repaying such a large amount of money, become overwhelmed merely thinking about it. But, using this new book, you can learn how to eliminate your student loans and be debt free. In this exhaustively researched book, you will learn everything you need to know about student loans, including grace periods, deferment, forbearance, interest rates, co-signors, exit counseling, prepayment, discharges, cancellation, default, and much more. You will create a repayment schedu≤ understand the various repayment options, such as graduated repayment, level repayment, income-sensitive repayment, extended repayment, serialization, and income-contingent repayment; and be able to choose the appropriate plan for your unique situation. Additionally, you will learn how to save money through consolidation, how to secure the best interest rate, how consolidating can improve your credit score, how to use lender incentive programs to save money, and how to lower interest rates. Whether you are a current student looking to get a jumpstart on repayment or you are a recent graduate trying to wade through the letters you are receiving from your lenders and consolidation companies, How to Wipe Out Your Student Loans and Be Debt Free will be an indispensable companion. Atlantic Publishing is a small, independent publishing company based in Ocala, Florida. Founded over twenty years ago in the company presidentâe(tm)s garage, Atlantic Publishing has grown to become a renowned resource for non-fiction books. Today, over 450 titles are in print covering subjects such as small business, healthy living, management, finance, careers, and real estate. Atlantic Publishing prides itself on producing award winning, high-quality manuals that give readers up-to-date, pertinent information, real-world examples, and case studies with expert advice. Every book has resources, contact information, and web sites of the products or companies discussed.
Would you like to: - Avoid the crushing bondage of college debt? - Employ God's principles to get through college debt-free? - Achieve freedom upon graduation to pursue the vision God has placed in your heart? Debt is not inevitable. There are ways to get through college without borrowing money. There are also good, legitimate ways to get out of debt if the money has already been borrowed, whether or not you completed your desired degree. This book is designed to help future students, current students, graduates, those who didn't graduate, and the parents and grandparents of all of them to get out of the bondage that comes with borrowing large sums of money to pay for post-secondary schooling. This book offers hope to those who feel hopeless. Current news is full of the difficulties of those who have taken on too much debt to get through college. You won't see hope in the newspapers or in the rhetoric of the politicians who try to use the crisis for political gain. There is hope-also answers and solutions if you know where to find them. There are ways to complete college without going into the bondage of student loans, and there are ways out of the post-graduation debt quagmire by applying some basic money principles. Read Say No! to College Debt to see how it is possible to get a college education without debt and how to deal with any debt you may already have.
"You have the choice to go forward or backward. It's as simple as that." - Matt Worthington. In Worthington's book, Ultra Productive, he details the tried and true methods of hard work, consistency, and discipline. Worthington claims the combination of these three actions, plus mastering your thoughts, are the keys to accomplishing any great feat, no matter how crazy the rest of the world thinks it may be. In his compelling memoir, Worthington takes you through the trials and tribulations he faced during his college years and shows the path to a more purpose-driven life - one that allows the reader to get ahead, overcome any obstacle they face, and ultimately, graduate from college debt-free!
To properly manage college costs, you need to understand the real price tag of a higher education, including hidden fees that surprise students after they enroll in a college or university. College Secrets and its companion book, College Secrets for Teens, reveal the true costs of earning a college degree – and then provides hundreds of money-saving ideas to help students and parents reduce or eliminate these expenses. College Secrets can save you $20,000 to $200,000 over the course of a four-year education. In this book, you’ll discover: · 22 hidden costs that college officials never talk about · 24 tricks to slash in-state and out-of-state tuition costs · 7 tips to keep room and board expenses under control · 13 strategies to save money on books and supplies · 14 lifestyle costs that students must manage wisely · 6 do’s and don’ts to avoid credit card debt in college · 12 steps to boost your odds of winning scholarships · 15 common mistakes that reduce your financial aid … and much, much more! The College Secrets series is your roadmap to paying for college the smart way – with some sanity, truth and planning in the process, and without going broke or winding up deep in debt.
Are you worried about how you're going to pay for college? Are you or your child about to spend four years pursuing a Bachelor's degree? Read this book first and learn how you can graduate college in one year without going into debt! One and Done will save you up to $150,000 on your college degree. That's nowhere close to an exaggeration - in fact, it's reality. How? As you begin your college journey, the most important factors to consider are probably the ones that hadn't even crossed your mind. You (or your child) are probably about to spend four years in pursuit of a degree, but you haven't even thought about the possibility of it being completed in one. You think you're getting a great deal by getting an education that will open countless doors, but you have no clue that in this process the average American overspends by at least $65,000 - and you're one of them! As an average student, you're probably perfectly set up to spend the next four years of your life earning the right to make twenty years of payments on student loans that you don't actually need to get. Rethink that decision - now. You don't need to join the ranks of people going to school in order to get jobs that just barely maintain the debt they accrued getting the education to get those jobs. You can soar ahead and graduate college debt free - in under one year. This book is an incredible resource that will teach you exactly how to get on the fast-track to earning your college degree. In the process, you can easily save over $150,000 in tuition and opportunity costs, giving you a major advantage as you get a jump-start on the rest of your life. Stop wasting time and money, and learn the real secrets of higher education in America by reading One and Done today!
Preparing for college is an exciting time of life, but I know it can be dampened by the mountain-sized financial obstacles standing between you and the college experience of your dreams. The many parents and student athletes I speak with today are in the exact same boat. They want to know what to expect throughout their college journey. They crave more knowledge, they want to know theyre on the right track, and they want an amazing college tenure that doesnt leave them high and dry financially. Well hindsight is 20/20, and Im excited to share insights with you to ensure you have the best college experience possible. By the end of our time together you will have the training youll need to graduate completely debt-free. That means no student-loans, no parent-loans, and freedom after graduation to live your calling and change the world. See you inside!
Would you like to learn how to send your child to the college of their dreams WITHOUT paying full price, and in many cases, even go to college debt-free? Student debt has just reached an all-time high amounting to $1.4 trillion dollars! Kids are getting out of college with tens of thousands of dollars in debt that they can't pay off while supporting themselves. Many have had to move back in with their parents to make ends meet. It's an enormous problem that families are struggling with. This book will prevent you from making the costly mistakes that the majority of families make. The author, Shellee Howard, is a College Consultant who sent her son to Harvard debt-free and her son graduated in 4-years! She's helped hundreds of families all over the world get into and graduate from the college of their dreams debt-free. Her passion is helping families create a plan to minimize their debt and that allows the student to stand out and shine among their competition. Shellee's favorite saying is "What You Do Not Know, Will Cost You." That's why she wrote this book. To help families develop a plan so they can have choices and save thousands of dollars on tuition. In this book, you will discover: The Top 3 Things That Colleges Are Looking For What Happens If Your Students Does Not Pick The Right College Why Your Student Cannot Afford NOT to Go to College The Ingredients of a Successful Application How to Prepare Your Student for College How to Send Your Student to College Without Student Loans Top Secrets to Getting Scholarships How to Ace the College Admissions Interview And so much more! Also included is a Checklist for Success at the end of the book. Buy this book right now if you want to discover the author's insider secrets as a paid college consultant on how to NOT pay full price for college, how to send your child to their dream college, and how not to lose your mind in the process!
Get a Degree, Debt-Free! is a guidebook designed to help you graduate from college completely debt-free! This book will show you how to use federal, state and local resources, as well as many other cost saving opportunities, without the need to borrow for college. The author, Monique Guillory, personally used this very method to attend college for free! She is excited to share what she learned first-hand on how to cut your college costs and graduate debt-free. No loans. No debt. No worries undergraduates!

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