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FIRE AND ICE . . . that's what you get when you take the cool looks of the Volkswagon Beetle, Bus, Karmann Ghia, Thing, Squareback or Fastback and unleash the hot performance of the air-cooled VW engine. How to Hot Rod Volkswagen Engines gives the real skinny for breathing-on, blueprinting and bulletproofing your air-cooled Vee-dub. Street, custom, kit car, off road, or full-race, this book gives you all the air-cooled engine-building basics to find and put to the pavement hidden horsepower. Includes tips on carburetion, ignition and exhaust tuning, case beefing, cylinder-head flow work, camshaft selection, lubrication and cooling upgrades, 6-to-12-volt conversions and much more. Plus there's a natty 6-page history of the origins of the first air-cooled VW engines. All neat stuff, this. Go ahead. You deserve it! Double or triple the output of your air-cooled Volkswagon. Or add 10-15 horsepower with easy bolt-on mods. Mild or wild, do it the right way-with this book. More than 300 photos, drawings and charts to guide you through your VW's innards. And don't look back.
The air-cooled four-cylinder VW engine has inhabited iconic cars, such as the Beetle and the Bus, and many other popular Volkswagen vehicles over the years. In stock form, these rather simple engines only produce 29 to 80 hp. Barely adequate for a street car, this level of horsepower falls woefully short for high-performance applications. Fortunately, these engines can be easily modified to produce 300 to 400 hp for the street and much more for extreme high-performance and racing applications. In VW Air-Cooled Engines: How to Increase Power and Performance, author Dan Burrill explains how to upgrade and modify these spritely 1,100- to 2,300-cc engines into powerful high-performance engines. Modifying these engines to produce 500 to 600 or more horsepower was once thought inconceivable. Now it is within your reach with the information to build such engines contained in this book. The author explains the installation of a wet or dry sump engine so high horsepower can be attained. Selecting the best high performance parts with the best design is covered in detail. To handle high-RPM and high-performance service, the pushrods, rocker arms, and valvesprings must be upgraded and all the relevant options are discussed. Assembling and installing a long-stroke engine package for superior performance is also examined. In addition, a special section on supercharging, turbo charging, and nitrous is also included. VW Beetles and Buses have never been more popular. Whether you?re an enthusiast looking to build a mildly modified engine for improved performance or a competitive racer building an engine to win races, this book is a welcome addition to your shop and performance library.
This book provides step-by-step instructions for how to modify Chrysler's 904 Torqueflite automatic transmission for drag racing, road racing, and circle racing. Topics include theory of operation, transbrakes/valve bodies, adapters, dissembly, modifications, assembly, adjustments, installation, high horsepower application, and torque converters.
Covers rebuilding the VW Type 1, 2, and 3 engines beginning in the year 1961, when a significant redesign improved the reliability, durability, and horsepower of the basic initial design. For more than 70 years, automotive enthusiasts and the public in general have embraced the VW air-cooled engine for its simplicity, its capacity to be modified, and its bulletproof reliability. Offering beautiful color photos and insightful step-by-step captions for expertly rebuilding Volkswagen air-cooled engines, this book will provide in-depth hands-on information for disassembly, inspection, machining, parts selection, preassembly, final assembly, installation, and tuning. Not only are the procedures for rebuilding covered in depth but engine model types, identification codes, specifications, and details are also covered in a manner that allows the user to source a good later-model candidate for rebuilding and helps retrofit the modern engine designs into earlier chassis. One of the most widely used and versatile internal combustion engines in the world, this engine has powered VW Beetles, Buses, Porsche 914s, off-road buggies and rails, formula race cars, and many other machines both on and off-road. If you have any interest in reviving your old VW, or perhaps are researching purchasing one, this handy guide will cover all the bases in bringing that old air-cooled powerplant back to life.
A collection of informative articles about how to get started in stock car racing from the grassroots level, this book features details on driving schools, various racing series, equipment, costs, and driving and car preparation tips. Learn how to be a crew member! Includes sidebars from established NASCAR crew chiefs, drivers and mechanics, and a foreword from NASCAR superstar Rusty Wallace.
Shows how to convert Volkswagens into dune buggies, offers tips on off-road racing, and includes advice on safety and first aid
"Your complete guide to all aspects of restoration including chassis, body, engine, suspension, steering, brakes, electrical equipment, interior trim and exterior trim"--Page 4 of cover.

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