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Many people want to learn how to keep and grow jellyfish in aquariums, but don't know where to start. Though the scientific literature contains clues, the language can be cryptic for the uninitiated, and the references can be tricky to track down without access to a well-stocked university library. In this first-of-its-kind guide, Chad L. Widmer presents in plain language some proven methods for jellyfish husbandry. With some study, attention to detail, and a little pioneer spirit, you'll soon be enjoying your own jellies, along with your newfound jelly-keeping skills.
A Page by Page half year 6 month long log book suitable for keeping a record of water parameters, dosing, marine life observations, light schedule, tank equipment and reef setup. Keep track and log all of your daily checks to include dosing and recording parameter water levels and water changes. Add notes such as "skimmer cleaned, filters changed today, nemo fish seems docile" A 6x9 inch black and white interior with full cover paperback cover. Perfect gift for any marine take fanatic.
Describes the physical characteristics, habits, and natural environment of various species of jellyfish with a discussion of the dangerous aspects of certain species and methods of keeping jellyfish alive in aquariums.
Committee Serial No. 89-28. Considers H.R. 11475 and similar H.R. 11507 and H.R. 16634, to authorize the Interior Dept to provide financial and technical aid to states for study and control of jellyfish.
Traces the history of aquariums, describes the highlights of the major aquariums, and provides a directory of facilities around the world
Committee Serial No. 89-91. Considers. S. 3528, to authorize an Interior Dept study of estuaries to identify those in need of protection, to formulate recommendations and regulations to protect estuaries, and to establish a National System of Estuarine Areas. S. 3744, to authorize a research program for elimination of Chesapeake Bay jellyfish.
Keeping an aquarium adds beauty and grace to your life. That elegant little world in a glass box can be your respite from the cares of the day and even can lower your blood pressure. It can be a great outlet for your artistic impulses, and educational for your kids. And when it comes to pets, you can’t go wrong with fish. They eat little, require minimal space, and need no training. They never stray, bay at the moon, or leave surprises on your lawn. They’re not prone to rude sniffing, and they won’t chase your letter carrier. And fish never get hairballs or scratch your furniture. Aquariums For Dummies answers all your fishy questions about keeping an aquarium and makes it easy to get into the swim of things with your own freshwater, brackish, or marine aquarium. You’ll discover how to: Choose the right aquarium for you Select the best fish Create and maintain a healthy aquarium Locate good deals on equipment Design a dazzling underwater environment With humor and without a lot of jargon, expert Maddy and Mic Hargrove cover all the bases. They give you step-by-step instructions on how to select equipment and set up your aquarium. And they explore an array of important and fun topics, including: Tanks, water sources, substrates and decorations, and water testing Live plants for freshwater and brackish aquariums and invertebrates for marine aquariums Fish anatomy and physiology (plus a guide to dozens of freshwater coldwater, tropical marine, and brackish fish) Choosing a quality dealer and developing a good relationship with them Deciding what the right species for you and selecting fish Fish diet and nutrition Diagnosing and treating diseases in fish Breeding fish for fun and profit A fun and easy guide to creating and maintaining a beautiful aquarium, Aquariums For Dummies is your entrée to the fascinating and rewarding world of fishkeeping.
An illustrated guide to tropical aquarium fish, including advice on setting up the aquarium and tips on the care of tropical fish.

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