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At a time when work and home life are becoming increasingly blurred, and modern technology brings the realm of the public into what used to be a personal and private space, Ed Hollis looks at what it means to make a home in today's world. Exploring the meaning of private and public space, the importance we place on physical objects and the demands we make of our home environment, How to Make a Home challenges us to re-imagine the concept of home and hearth.
Make a Home for Wildlife helps you see your property in new ways and is the resource you need to take the sometimes daunting steps to improve the quality of your land. According to U.S. Forest Service, 250 million acres of woods and forests in the U.S. are privately held by 10 million individuals/families. Whether you live on a quarter-acre lot in the suburbs, own a 20-acre woodland retreat, run a farm of 100 acres, or belong to an outdoor club with hundreds or thousands of acres, you can make changes to the land, improvements that will turn your property into a better home for wildlife. Habitat projects can be simple or complex, short-term or spanning decades. Cost can be minimal, a few hours of your time spent doing pleasant work in the outdoors, or can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. And there is funding to help landowners make wildlife habitat. Focusing on the eastern US, from Canada to Florida and west to the Great Plains, this book describes basic habitat types—forest, shrublands, grasslands, and wetlands—and highlights over 150 select native and introduced trees, shrubs, and plants and explains how they are used or not by wildlife. The book includes 100+ profiles of prominent and interesting species of insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals with info on animals and their habitat needs. Large and small mammals, resident and migratory birds, and insects are covered. Fergus relates stories of landowners who have made habitat in different states and regions in different ways.
My name is How To Make A Billion Leones From Home, and I am a book. Not any old book. A special book! I am special; not because I was written to make you wealthy, which I was. Ohh no! I have the special distinction of having been written with Sierra Leone in mind. You see, relative to the total number of books written every year, not many books are written with Sierra Leone in mind. So, I am chuffed to be alive and in your hands right now. Really chuffed!!! You give me life!
How to Make a House a Home is more than just a stylish design book--Ariel Kaye, the founder of Parachute Home (the Madewell of home stores), teaches you how to design a home that's not only beautiful, but mindful, functional, and nurturing. "Home" is more than a place for Ariel Kaye--it's a feeling. Home makes you feel welcomed, nurtured, authentic, secure, and happy. Ariel has built a business around helping people cultivate comfort in their homes. In this book, she offers tangible ideas, tips, and tools to help you take the space that you have and make it as functional, practical, and beautiful as possible, all while creating a home that is uniquely you. How to Make a House a Home is not only a go-to resource, but also a journey of self-discovery. It covers everything you need to know to infuse your space with mindful choices--including color palettes, textures, organization, plants, furniture, and ambiance--that speak to your style, your lifestyle, and your soul. Whether you're renting an apartment or looking for new inspiration for your house, with How to Make a House a Home you'll have all the guidance you need to create a space that engages and restores your mind, body, spirit, and senses.
Orientation to Home Care Nursing is a comprehensive reference text that covers all aspects of home health nursing. This text can be used as a primary text for home care and community nursing courses. Or it can be used concurrently with the agency's own materials to apply learned material to daily practice or with students who are learning about home care. This companion text to the Manual of Home Care Nursing Orientation, by the same authors, provides the nurse with an in-hand reference for orientation and beyond.

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