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In association with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. ALL INSTRUCTIONS ARE FULLY DETAILED AND STEP-BY-STEP SO ANYONE CAN FOLLOW THEM EASILY. Learn how to make a professional website or blog on your own domain in less than a couple of hours, and learn how to do it all using the Internet's most popular Content Management System: WordPress. No coding knowledge is required to use WordPress...if you can use Microsoft Word, you can make a professional website with WordPress (WordPress is software that is completely free). It is all taught in step-by-step lessons in this book (with links to supporting video lessons for extra clarity - the video lessons show you the entire completion of from beginning to end). With the lessons taught in my book, you will be able to create any type of website that you want with any kind of look that you want, from personal blogs to professional business websites to e-commerce websites. Also, included as a bonus chapter, an introduction to how to build passive income websites using WordPress, and how making money online actually works! Here are the topics covered in my book: TECHNICAL / SETTING UP: - The SMARTEST and CHEAPEST way to buy a domain. - The SMARTEST and CHEAPEST way to buy a hosting package. - Linking your domain to your hosting account and installing WordPress. BASICS: - An introduction to WordPress and best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings for your website. - How to add pages for regular websites. - How to add posts for blogs. - How to add pictures and links. - How to set up a sidebar using widgets. - How to change the look of your website with different themes. - How to add a contact form, plugins, and social media buttons. ADVANCED: - How to install Google Analytics for tracking. - How to add "buy now" PayPal buttons. - How to add an interactive "Google Maps" map to your website. - How to set up a mailing list / newsletter (and best practices for doing so). - How to protect your website from hackers, malware, and other viruses. - Resources for e-commerce websites, doing keyword research, doing link building and SEO, affiliate marketing, membership websites, outsourcing, video recording, and more! AN INTRODUCTION TO MAKING MONEY ONLINE: - What are some of the most common methods for making money online? - What is the simplest way to make passive income online? - If I want to make money online, where do I start? - The Structure of a $1,000 per Month Passive Income Website. This book will enable you to build a professional website on your own domain in less than a couple of hours AND teach you a skill set that will blow open your possibilities for entrepreneurship!
Want to make your own website or blog but don't know where to start? Think you could be the next online sensation? This book is packed with practical tips on how to make your own website or blog, from planning and preparing your site or blog to actually putting your work online and building yourself an audience.
Do You Want To Create Your Own Website Or Blog?! Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $9.99. Regularly priced at $12.99. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS or content management systems on the Web. It is rivaled by Drupal, Blogspot (in a sense), Joomla!, Magento, and mediaWiki. Wordpress is an excellent choice when you plan to create a website or blog.In this book, you will learn how to install it and navigate its arsenal of useful content management and website design tools. Once you master the topics here, you will be able to build websites - in five minutes or less. You need this book. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Introduction to Content Management Systems : Starting From Scratch - Technicalities in Installation I Starting From Scratch - Technicalities in Installation II The Easier Version of Installing WordPress The WordPress Dashboard Much, much more! Download your copy today!Take action today and get this book for a limited time discount of only $9.99!
How to Make Your Own Free Website teaches how to:Make free websites and blogs,Customize Your Widgets,Sell with PayPal buttons,Drive traffic with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,Maximize SEO (Search Engine Optimization),Rise in Google, Yahoo, Bing rankings,Submit free Online Articles and Press Releases,Grow an Email List of Contacts,And do it all for free.You'll save time, money and effort.
Almost everyone wants to have more money in life. There are basically two ways to accomplish this: making more money or spending less money. This ebook bundle is focused on the former of the two. Reading through these ebooks will give you the skills and knowledge that you need to get richer! This bundle contains the following ebooks: -Earning Residual Income Through Dividend Paying Stocks: Let Your Money Make You More Money -Making More Money from eBooks Through Strategic Pricing and Bundling -Write for These Revenue Sharing Sites to Earn Money from Your Articles -Personal Finance 101: From Budgeting Money to Getting the Best Mortgage Rate -How to Succeed On InfoBarrel: Earning Residual Income from Your Articles -Earning Passive Income from Real Estate: The Secrets to an Income Property -How to Become Wealthy By Creating Multiple Streams of Passive Income Why would you pay the full price for each of these 7 money-focused ebooks when you can get them all together for a discounted price?
The Complete Internet Marketer is filled with instructions, How-To guides and hundreds of useful tips for being successful online. You will learn everything you need to know about: Search Engines, Email, Online Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing, Blogs, Designing effective websites, Building successful online stores, Making money from your website or blog and much more... In one book you will find everything you need to know about marketing online!
Are you dissatisfied with your current financial situation? Would you like to grow your income in the comfort of your own home? Then keep reading… Here's the deal. You're working a boring 9-5 job and wish to make a change as soon as possible. You've probably dabbled into some online business opportunities but haven't gotten any noticeable results yet. You've seen other people make thousands of dollars online and you wish that you could do the same but you're not really sure how to go about it. You might just want to make some extra cash by the side or live completely of off your online business. I'm assuming, you need something like a step by step guide or blueprint of some sort that could lead you to achieve your financial goals. Well, you have come to the right place. This book will show you everything that you actually need to know about making money online. You'll learn how to grow your income exponentially, work fewer hours and how to make a fortune online. In this book, you'll discover things such as: - Top Time Management Techniques to Stay Productive - Why Most People Fail to Make Money Online - Mistakes that You Should be Avoiding - What You Should Expect When Starting Your Own Online Business - Actual Online Business Models that You Could Use Right Away - How to Research Your Market before Spending any Money - The 5 Best Marketing Tools and How to Actually Use Them - How to Set Up an Automatic Customer Acquisition Process - The secrets to Making Irresistible Offers - Much, Much More! This book offers information from personal experience and from the experience of other internet marketers who have made thousands of dollars online. What you will find in this book can work for you even if you're a complete beginner who's starting out with nothing. No matter if you're in your early 20's still studying in school or if you're in your late 40's working a 9-5, this book is guaranteed to be useful for you. If you want to gain instant access to ''How to Make Money Online'' scroll up and hit ''BUY NOW'' button!

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