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The author makes it easy for you to create a tiny paper mache dog of your own. You only need a few basic tools and some materials that you may already have lying around the house. The only thing you may need to purchase is a few feet of aluminum wire for the armature -- or use some wire you alredy have on hand. First, choose a pattern from the 27 breeds included in the book. Then build your armature by bending the wires, using the pattern for a guide. This makes sure that your finished sculpture will have the right proportions for your breed. Add a few bits of crumpled aluminum foil to round out the forms, with the pattern guiding you, and then twist and bend your little dog into any position you desire. With these simple steps it's easy to create a lively original sculpture of your own design. When your armature is finished, the author shows you how to make the two layers of paper mache as smooth as you want it to be. You can add wrinkles, fur, happy mouths and other details after the paper mache is dry. If you would like to paint your dog, you can use the author's recipe for an inexpensive home-made gesso to add interesting textures. Then the author gives you suggestions for painting your sculpture, including an easy way to paint brindled spots, how to give an all-white dog an interesting coat, how to emphasize heavily-textured fur with acrylic glazing liquid, and more. The author is a well-known paper mache artist who has written several popular books on the subject. She also writes tutorials and creates videos for her blog, at
From awkward schoolgirl to Caterer to the Stars, Mary Giuliani weaves together a collection of hilarious memories, from professional growing pains to her long journey to motherhood, never losing her sense of humor and her love for everyone's favorite party food, pigs in a blanket. Mary's utterly unremarkable childhood was everything she didn't want: hailing from a deeply loving yet overprotective Italian family in an all-Jewish enclave on Long Island. All she wanted was to fit in (be Jewish) and become famous (specifically a cast member on Saturday Night Live). With an easy, natural storytelling sensibility, Mary shares her journey from a cosseted childhood home to the stage and finally to the party, accidentally landing what she now refers to as "the breakthrough role of a lifetime" catering to a glittery list of stars she once hoped to be part of herself. Fresh, personal, and full of Mary's humorous, self-deprecating, and can-do attitude against all odds, you'll want to see where each shiny silver tray of hors d'oeuvres takes her next. You never know when the humble hot dog will be a crucial ingredient in the recipe for success, in building a business or simply making life more delicious.
The Freewheelers - Gina, Mandy and Claire - are a bicycle gang with just one thing missing - bikes When they discover that a little girl has been kidnapped in their home town, with a GBP1000 reward for her rescue, it seems like their chance for an adventure and at the same time earn the bike money they need. But, as usual with their plans, things don't go as they expect and before they know it they are freewheeling into more trouble than they ever imagined. Will their luck make everything turn out all right in the end?
Lurchers and sighthounds have seen a huge rise in popularity over the past 40 years, and where once the lurcher was the shadowy, unseen tool of the poacher, it now enjoys a more legitimate role as a modern day pest control aid, as well as being valued as a companion and family pet. The pure sighthound breeds have always had their aficionados, whether as workers, pets or show and racing dogs; this book is written with all running dogs in mind, the term by which the author refers to lurchers and sighthounds alike in this book. Running dogs are athletes, which need committed care and understanding if they are to remain sound and healthy in their work, and the author has drawn upon her many years’ experience with working lurchers in order to compile a useful reference book for fellow owners. Written in a down to earth style this manual explains how to rear, feed and prepare the running dog for a healthy life, whether that involves strenuous work, competition or as a companion animal; how to avoid injury where possible and how to recognise specific types of injury when they do occur; how to treat them yourself and when to see the vet.
An engaging collection about everything from the abacus to zoology in Japan, designed to preserve knowledge about a society that was modernizing beyond recognition. This book remains an erudite source of information about culture, history, art, religion, and daily life. Basil Hall Chamberlain (1850–1935) lived in Japan for thirty-five years and was one of the foremost Japanologists of his day.

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