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Terrorists have attacked the United States of America and many other countries multiple times. Many countries possess weapons of mass destruction. And we individuals have not been prepared, nor do we know what to do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. How to Save Yourself From a Terrorist Attack informs you about the various possible types of attack, which ones are most likely to occur, how to recognize and diagnose them, and how to protect against them. Nuclear Attack, & Outer Space Weapons Radioactive + Explosive Attack Electricity Disruption Computer / Information Disruption Chemical Attack Biological Attack
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Reflecting the critical threat posed by biological warfare and terrorism in a post 9-11 world, Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare (an update of Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare published in 1997) addresses the weaponization of biological agents, categorizing potential agents as food, waterborne, or agricultural agents or toxins, and discusses their respective epidemiology. Recent advances in biomedical knowledge are presented that include descriptions of individual agents and the illnesses induced. Authors discuss biotoxins and explain methods for early identification for anthrax, plague, smallpox, alphaviruses, and staphylococcal enterotoxins. Case studies and research on successful management practices, treatments, and antidotes are also included.
Some vols. include supplemental journals of "such proceedings of the sessions, as, during the time they were depending, were ordered to be kept secret, and respecting which the injunction of secrecy was afterwards taken off by the order of the House".
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Description from Brief 01: It has been said that 9/11 changed everything. This is certainly true for local police agencies and other chiefs. It is increasingly clear that federal agencies, such as the FBI and the US Secret Service, can no longer work alone in protecting the United States from further attack. Rather, they must work in partnership with other public and private agencies, and most important, with local police. Local police can identify potential terrorists living or operating in their jurisdictions, they can help protect vulnerable targets, and they can coordinate the first response to terror attacks. These are heavy new responsibilities that significantly expand the workload of already busy departments. Many departments welcome these new responsibilities, but they cannot be shrugged off because elected officials and the public will increasingly expect their police to be prepared.
This book analyzes the values divide in modern America by examining the different values at stake in major policy areas, such as the war in Iraq where traditional reasons for going to war have been usurped by the Bush doctrine of preemption. The involvement of the religious right in politics also involves value issues including the separation of church and state. Other values concerned in the divide, such as a balance between freedom and security in our response to terrorism on American soil, fairness and equity in our taxation policies, and the values at stake in solving our environmental problems are explored in depth. The final section has a chapter devoted to the revitalization of democracy in America, and a concluding chapter discussing what the second term of the Bush administration means to America.
The current political climate adds a whole new element of risk for executives traveling abroad. Personal security can no longer be taken for granted. Terrorism & Personal Security equips executives and government officials with the tools and knowledge to lower their risks on foreign soil. During his eight years with the CIA, William Mac Epps taught government executives how to lower their profile as a government official and minimize their chances of a terrorist attack. In this insightful new book, Epps provides an overview of terrorists why they do what they do, their methods, how they operate to help readers understand the threat so they can prepare to travel safely. Both practical and thorough, the book explains how to decrease the risk of attack, what to do if you are attacked, and how to survive in a hostage situation. Timely and enlightening, International Terrorism & Personal Security is an excellent resource for senior executives and government officials at all levels.
Using examples ranging from disputes in small organizations to large-scale conflicts in countries around the world, this volume offers practical methods for working with conflict, leadership crises, stagnation, abuse, terrorism, violence, and other social action issues. It brings an understanding of the psychology of conflict and the knowledge that many disputes can be traced back to inequalities of rank and power between parties, providing tools that will enable people to use conflict to build community.
Provides information on passports, visas, entry requirements, United States government services, money, insurance, health care, reentering the United States, and other topics of concern to American tourists in other countries
Supplements called special edition accompany v. 3-
The Sixth Edition of Donatelle's text provides readers with the tools they need to make healthy, lifelong behavior changes, along with updated and timely coverage of health issues. Written by a health educator who knows where readers' interests lie, the new edition aims to address the health topics of primary concern to today's readers in its coverage. Promoting Healthy Behavior Change, Psychosocial Health, Managing Stress, Violence and Abuse, Healthy Relationships and Sexuality, Birth Control, Pregnancy, and Childbirth, Licit and Illicit Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Caffeine, Nutrition, Managing Your Weight, Personal Fitness, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Infectious and Noninfectious Conditions, Life's Transitions, Environmental Health, Consumerism, Complementary and Alternative Medicine. For college instructors and students, or anyone interested in issues relating to personal health.

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