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If you want to build the perfect home recording studio, then pay attention. This guide covers everything from choosing the perfect location and equipment to mixing and mastering your recordings with common digital audio workstation plugins and functionalities. We'll even touch on the more technical side so you can achieve pro-sounding recordings!
Whether you have a ton of equipment or just the basic gear this book offers an all you need to know to setting up, running and getting great sound from a project studio. In three parts Harris walks you thought Acoustics, Equipment and Recording Technique. From the basics of acoustic treatment to techniques to solve problems specific to your room, and from offering explanations and information of equipment to how to record and create a great mix. In no time you'll be recording, producing great music in your very own studio.
Set Up Your Own Recording Studio! Purchase your copy of Home Recording: 101 - Creating Your Own Affordable Home Recording Studio today - And Start Building Your Own Home Studio Today! Are You a Musician That is Intimated by the Prospect of Recording Your Songs? Are you struggling with turning your musical ideas into actual tunes? If so, then Home Recording: 101 - Creating Your Own Affordable Home Recording Studio is the book you need! It will show you how to easily assemble everything you need to set up your own recording studio. You'll save money and spend less time fussing with wires and unfamiliar gear and spend more time recording your songs! Home Recording: 101 - Creating Your Own Affordable Home Recording Studio is available for Purchase Today. Recording audio is easy. Recording high-quality tunes is another matter entirely. Recording techniques and technology can be a daunting task for even experienced musicians. Home Recording 101 will help you demystify the recording process and get you up and recording in no time! Home Recording: 101 - Creating Your Own Affordable Home Recording Studio will show you how to get started right away! Home Recording: 101 - Creating Your Own Affordable Home Recording Studio shows you how acquiring the needed gear to produce high-quality recordings is easier than ever these days thanks to technological advancements in computers and smartphones. You'll also learn about what to look for when shopping for microphones, how to choose recording software, how to properly mic guitars, drums and vocals and how to best set up your recording area. Setting up a simple home studio is often no more difficult than purchasing a few software programs and a microphone. With Home Recording 101, you'll learn how to assemble a studio and start recording your songs with minimum fuss, hassle and expense. Learn How to Start Recording At Home! Purchase Home Recording 101 - Creating Your Own Affordable Home Recording Studio TODAY!
Invaluable advice that will be music to your ears! Are you thinking of getting started in home recording? Do you want to know the latest home recording technologies? Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies will get you recording music at home in no time. It shows you how to set up a home studio, record and edit your music, master it, and even distribute your songs. With this guide, you?ll learn how to compare studio-in-a-box, computer-based, and stand-alone recording systems and choose what you need. You?ll gain the skills to manage your sound, take full advantage of MIDI, mike common instruments, do overdubs and replace missed notes, understand the mastering process, and prepare your music for duplication. Explains how to put together all the things your home recording studio should have Shows you how to perform multitrack recording and venture into MIDI sequencing Details ways to clean up your tracks by becoming an expert at mixing and editing Addresses choosing the gear that suits your project Walks you through adding computers and software to your recording tools and enhancing sound with professional editing tips Features instructions for setting up microphones, connecting electronic instruments, and orking with MIDI and electronic instruments Includes advice for editing tracks, mixing, mastering, and distributing your songs Whether you?re a beginning musician or a pro, Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies teaches you home recording basics so you can begin recording music at home and create great CDs.
In the past decade, the rise of independent music culture has come hand-in-hand with another music revolution: the home-based recording studio, the start-up costs of which can be as low or high as a budget allows. How to Start a Home-Based Recording Studio walks aspiring studio owners through all the steps necessary to turn their passion into a business. The first-ever guide to focus not only on outfitting a studio, but also to offer a full range of advice on converting a studio into a profit-making enterprise, it is an indispensible reference for any studio at every stage of its operation.
This is the 3rd book in the best selling Music Production Secrets Series by John Rogers. Now that it’s extremely affordable, hundreds of thousands of music enthusiasts around the world have created their own DAW home recording studio. Many have turned their passion into a career, or they’re earning a lot of money with their home recording studio as a side job. In this book, I explain everything I did as a sound engineer to earn $100,000 a year online, working from my home studio. I discuss working with customers which includes tips on how to beat the competition, the marketing techniques I used that brought in a huge amount of free traffic, and many business dos and don'ts I learned since opening my recording studio in 1999. I also mention several things YOU might want to try with your business that I know absolutely WILL NOT work, which will save you a lot of time and money. Whether you’re starting out from scratch or already running your own recording studio business, this book will help you increase your profits.

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