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In politics, there are no prizes for second place. Packed with advice and practical examples, this new, fully updated edition of the classic political guide reveals the insider secrets and skills you need to make sure you're a winner on election day. In 101 bite-sized chapters, seasoned campaign professionals Mark Pack and Edward Maxfi eld share successful tactics from around the globe to help steer you on the course to power. Learn how to pass the three-seconds test; don't wear a helmet when crushing cars with a tank; and never, ever, forget the law of the left nostril. Heed these lessons and win that election.
A guide that Marcus Cicero's brother wrote for him as he prepared to campaign for consul in ancient Rome includes a surprising amount of information that can be applied to today's political contests, and is now presenting again, in a bilingual Latin-English edition that offers a new translation.
The best candidate doesn't always win an election, but the best campaign does. Winning an election at the local level doesn't involve ideology or issues. It is won by the personality and hard work of the candidate meeting people directly and chatting with them in ways which don't convey the traditional politician. The Politics Guy Campaign Tips - How to Win a Local Election is must reading for any candidate or campaign manager for local offices like State Legislature, City Council, School Board or County Commission. This book does not discuss views or political philosophy. This book discusses the daily street-level effort to win a local election. The techniques can be used by Republicans, Democrats or independents.
What role do political consultants play in election campaigns? How are political parties using technological tools such as data analytics, surveys and alternative media to construct effective, micro-targeted campaigns? How does the use of money impact election results? What aids in the en masse dissemination of divisive propaganda and fake news? What does it take to win an election in India today? What is the future of politics in the country? Written by a former election campaign consultant for a major political party, How to Win an Indian Election takes readers into the forbidden world of election war-rooms and gives them a glimpse of how strategy is formulated, what works with voters on the ground and what doesn't. Based on research, interviews and the author's own experiences, this book is invaluable for its insight into the inner workings of politics, political parties and what really makes for a winning election campaign.
Discusses the details of planning and organizing a campaign, recruiting staff and volunteers, and making effective use of literature, mailing lists, newspapers, radio, and TV
A detailed story awaits you on behalf of experienced, well-informed practitioners from Russia. How do the attacks of opponents, destroying the image, look like and how to protect them? What "dirty tricks" are used and can they be countered with something? What is the specificity of the strategy of the candidate of the party of power, the opposition, and the "third force"? What is the main line of political discussion in modern Russia, the arguments and counterarguments of the parties? What determines the choice of the voter - the policy or the personality of the candidate? What qualities of the candidate are considered to be compulsory by the voters and which are not? What the popular image of a deputy looks like? What role does the political arena play in local elections? How does it combine with the promotion of a personal image? What goals should a candidate aim at on the local political arena? Who is this book for? - For all readers interested in political life in Russia and wish to look at it from within; - For specialists in Russian politics; - For managers of election campaigns who can get acquainted with the Russian practice of working in elections, look at the usual forms of work in other political and cultural conditions; - For politicians, deputies, and activists of parties; - For students studying relevant specialties, and their teachers; - For journalists and bloggers writing about politics and elections. About authors The authors are from Moscow, they have been working in the area of political consulting for more than 20 years, led numerous campaigns of candidates for the State Duma, the Moscow City Duma, heads of cities and districts, worked in headquarters for the election of governors, wrote strategies for parties and conducted hundreds of sociological studies. In their series of books, they set the task to go along with the candidate and the leaders of his campaign all the way from strategy development to Election Day.

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