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From choosing the new parish council to the race for the White House, all elections have elements in common a__ planning and organisation, formulating the message and communicating it to the electorate and dealing with the opposition. Paul Richards distils years of campaigning experience to offer a lively view of the art of electioneering for all would-be campaigners and candidates. Paul Richards is a professional political campaigner, Chair of the Fabian Society and author of Be Your Own Spin Doctor.
A guide that Marcus Cicero's brother wrote for him as he prepared to campaign for consul in ancient Rome includes a surprising amount of information that can be applied to today's political contests, and is now presenting again, in a bilingual Latin-English edition that offers a new translation.
In politics there are no prizes for second place. Packed with advice and practical examples, this guide reveals the insider secrets and skills you need to make sure you're a winner on election day. In easily digestible bite-sized chapters, seasoned campaign professionals Mark Pack and Edward Maxfield share successful tactics from around the globe to help steer you on the course to power. Learn to hate trees, always have more people than chairs and never, ever, forget the law of the left nostril - heed these lessons and win that election.
Professional campaign advice for anyone running for office. The author, a professional political campaigner, distils his years of experience to offer practical advice and information on the art of electioneering for all would-be campaigners and candidates.

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