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How TO WIRE -BUILDINGS A MANUAL OF THE ART OF INTERIOR WIRING. - 1893 - PREFACE. It would be impossible to exaggerate the importance of good wiring as an element in the prosperity and permanence of the various electrical industries and the writer of th
Illustrated with hundreds of illuminating line drawings, this classic guide reveals virtually every secret of a building's function. The new edition emphasizes "green" architecture and eco-conscious design and construction. It features a prologue on sustainable construction, and includes new information on topics such as the collapse of the World Trade Centre, and examines the array of amazing new building materials now available. Edward Allen makes it easy for everyon-from armchair architects and sidewalk superintendents to students of architecture and construction-to understand the mysteries and complexities of even the largest building.
With over 9 million copies sold worldwide, the Worst-Case Scenario series has been preparing readers for dangers of all kinds for more than a decade. This handsome large-format hardcover compendium is truly the ultimate guide for handling life's inevitable Worst-Case Scenarios, collecting—for the first time—hundreds of the best and most crucial scenarios from across the entire 26-book series, along with dozens of all-new and expanded scenarios, charts, and expert tips. Topical, tabloid-style pages explore more than 100 subjects, from storms to stampedes to technology failures and beyond, with special sections highlighting critical information on starting fires, animal encounters, emergency signals, "Can I eat that?" questions, and more. Packed with expert advice and sturdy enough to stop a tiger bite, this gifty tome will keep longtime fans and new initiates safe and entertained in equal measure.
Every company faces the inevitable challenge: stagnate or grow. One of the fastest ways for small- and mid-size companies to expand is through acquisition. Purchasing another company can seem daunting—but when done right, it can deliver outstanding rewards. Successful Acquisitions supplies the key information that business leaders need to know about finding and buying companies. Written by an M&A expert with more than $1 billion in transactions under his belt, the book’s practical and comprehensive approach integrates all the moving pieces into a logical step-by-step process that covers: • The art and science of researching companies • Building and balancing an acquisition team • Valuation tips that look beyond the obvious • The importance of “the seller’s equation” • Developing a negotiation platform • How to be tough and still protect the buyer-seller relationship • Guidelines for structuring an airtight deal • The letter of intent, due diligence, purchase agreement, funding, and other essentials • Bringing the deal to a timely close • A 100-day plan for making integration a success It’s all here. From building the foundation to growing the relationships to cementing the deal, Successful Acquisitions is a complete roadmap to buying companies and achieving proactive strategic growth.
The first desk reference on technical building systems for interiordesigners Building Systems for Interior Designers is the first bookto explain technical building systems and engineering issues in aclear and accessible way to interior designers. The technicalknowledge and vocabulary presented here allow interior designers tocommunicate more effectively with architects, engineers, andcontractors while collaborating on projects, leading to moreaccurate solutions for problems related to a broad range of otherbuilding considerations with an impact on interior design.Information on sustainable design is integrated throughout thebook, making it a relevant tool for current and emerging trends inbuilding design. Written in a straightforward, nontechnical style that maintainsdepth and accuracy, this book is the first complete text applicableto interior design courses and provides thorough preparation forthe NCIDQ exam. Engaging, clear illustrations support the text,which is accessible to those without a math or physicsbackground. Topics covered include: Heating and air conditioning systems Environmental issues Water and waste Thermal comfort HVAC systems Electricity Lighting Security and communications systems Fire safety Transportation systems With numerous case examples illustrating how interior designersapply this material in the real world, Building Systems forInterior Designers is a valuable book for students, as well asa practical desktop reference for professionals. Content from this book is available as an online continuingprofessional education course at ahref="" WileyCPE courses are available on demand, 24 hours a day, and areapproved by the American Institute of Architects.
Provides an extensive home repair guide for both interior and exterior home repairs, including installing windows, laying floors, and building fences.
All you need to create beautiful buildings from sawmill left-overs--or even driftwood!
Meticulously accurate line drawings and fascinating text explain construction above and below ground, including excavating subway lines and building bridges and skyscrapers. Hundreds of illustrations reveal intricate details of construction techniques.
From the first time he strapped on a toolbelt to the last time he required first aid, Steve was involved with every aspect of the alarm industry and lived to tell about it. Throughout his twenty-five years in the field, Steve dealt with angry pets, furious consumers and more than his share of the insect world while providing a much needed but usually under appreciated service to his customers. His insight into human behavior forces us to take a good look at how the working class really deals with you, the customer, and how they maintain their sense of humor throughout most of it. Fix It or Pull It provides answers to questions like, what really goes on in the food preparation area of a restaurant? How far is too far when pulling a practical joke? What happens when rookie meets veteran and who is usually the victor when they do? Whether it's alarm systems, telephone providers or other consumer based product offerings, your service technician is there to save the day. Steve brings you the human side of the business and keeps you laughing along the way.

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