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"This Dark Horse Manga omnibus presents I am a hero chapters 1 to 22, first collected in Japan as I am a hero volumes 1 and 2."
"This Dark Horse Manga omnibus presents I am a hero chapters 47 to 68, first appearing in Japan as 'I am a hero' volumes 5 and 6."
"Presents 'I am hero' chapters 69 to 93, first collected in Japan as 'I am hero' volumes 7 and 8."
The strangest zombie survival series continues! Having avoided being eaten by his zombie girlfriend, Hideo Suzuki continues to head away from civilisation and the bloodthirsty hordes taking over metropolitan Japan. In a suicide forest, Hideo finds a girl who needs help - and who could end up helping him more than he realises.
Revelations, new mutations, and new motivations abound in this penultimate collection! An odd observer in Barcelona pieces together the puzzle of the ZQN infestation before creator Kengo Hanazawa takes readers back to Japan and our remaining human survivors. Hideo and Hiromi discover something else that connects the two of them, as they head to Tokyo with a new ally. Murderous groups of human survivors are forced to band together, and the ZQN virus continues to evolve in massive ways. Go way further and get way stranger than the I Am a Hero film adaptation! Collects I Am a Hero original Japanese volumes 19 and 20.
Who will stand against invaders from space, robot slave masters and a dictator producing human clones? Astro Boy, that's who! The most popular and influential creation of Osamu Tezuka, 'the Walt Disney of Japan,' Astro Boy is all-ages adventure packed with action, laughs and a few tugs at the heartstrings.

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