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The New York Times bestseller from the author of If I Stay “Heartwrenching…If you are ready to be emotionally wrecked yet again, you are in luck.” – Hypable A fateful accident draws three strangers together over the course of a single day: Freya who has lost her voice while recording her debut album. Harun who is making plans to run away from everyone he has ever loved. Nathaniel who has just arrived in New York City with a backpack, a desperate plan, and nothing left to lose. As the day progresses, their secrets start to unravel and they begin to understand that the way out of their own loss might just lie in help­ing the others out of theirs. An emotionally cathartic story of losing love, finding love, and dis­covering the person you are meant to be, I Have Lost My Way is best­selling author Gayle Forman at her finest. “A beautifully written love song to every young person who has ever moved through fear and found themselves on the other side.” – Jacqueline Woodson, bestselling author of Brown Girl Dreaming
I Have Lost My Way is a collection of religious poems. Combing the lives of men and women within and outside the walk with God. For this is how life will always flow until life will be no more. That's why in God Jehovah and Jesus Christ I have belief. Because after I am taken away, I know with them there is another day.
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I've used my knowledge and experience both personally and from professionals to put together this self help book. It's a story about my life, my addictions, my struggles, and how I overcame it all, which saved my life. I have a very unique story about how I recovered that I want to share with people, and more specifically those who struggle with themselves. My story can be very helpful for many people in getting their lives back on track. Many of us are on a dark road for so long we lose our identities. We have nothing to look forward to and spiral into despair. That is a dangerous place to be and I have been there far too many times. I am a recovering alcoholic of many years and know how hard it is to find peace and happiness. I hope my story can inspire people to live the lives they deserve regardless of the mess they are in.
This story On My Way is about how I see my life playing out: some things is just the way they are. I always wanted to help inspire people to do what it is they love; there will be ups and downs in life and I truly understand that mistakes are a must because it helps us grow. But we all know on your way up, there is always a little drama. What would life be like without drama? I dream of having the best and ON MY WAY will tell you how I get there!!! Enjoy
The Queen Who Lost Her Castle is a mythical story about Queen Jacqueline of Heart Land and her quest to have the people of Heart Land love and accept her as much as they do their king. Queen Jacqueline plans an enormous party for the entire kingdom and totally fails. She is thrown out of the castle by the King and can only return to the castle and her king when she returns with the Five Laws of Light. She endures a difficult journey to Wise Dome to seek the Sorceress of the Shadow Self. The Sorceress holds the keys to the inner caves where the Five Laws of Light are protected. Jacqueline experiences a total change in her outer appearance, her belief systems in her quest for understanding her true role in life. The end of the story finds her standing at the gates of the castle with the Five Laws of Light. No one recognizes her for her beauty, her heart, her clothes, her jewels or her makeup; but rather for her heart. The story is a wonderful teaching tool for children in learning that being accepted must begin in loving yourself for WHO you are, not what you have. A surprise ending that will delight you!

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