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If you are lucky you know someone like the elderly lady in this book. Whenever she sees you--coming home from school, trick-or-treating at Halloween, or walking with your dog in the wood--she makes you feel special. She is someone you admire. She is someone you love.
I know an old lady who swallowed a fly, I don't know why she swallowed a fly, Perhaps she'll die. So begins this well-loved, classic song. Now published for the first time in board book form with all new illustrations, this book is sure to delight a whole new audience: babies and toddlers.
Best-selling author and humorist Roger Welsch comes through again as he delivers his outrageous anecdotes from the farm fields of Nebraska. Jam-packed with Rog's creative techniques for picking up babes, buying suitable gifts for anniversaries, first dates, and more! Roger digs deep into his own down-home experiences to deliver his comic and witty take on love, sex, romance, and marriage as he guides more innocent generations down the same road to success that he enjoys in his own relationships. This humorous guide examines everything from evading capture and the old catch-and-release tactic, to the dreaded blind date. This "ultimate contribution to mankind" reveals the coveted trade secrets Roger Welsch holds dear and deserves prominent placement on the bookshelf of every self-respecting male.
An assortment of animal jokes accompany a verse, based on the folk-song, about an old lady who starts with a fly and goes on to swallow a whole zoo. Suggested level: junior, primary.
An old woman gobbles up all the food in an enormous Thanksgiving dinner, to the amazement of those around her.
Presents an illustrated version of the traditional song along with some discussion of its folk origins. Includes music and seven verses of words.
When Swimming Pool's mother insists she graduate from charm school or give up baseball, Ernie, who is the reluctant team manager, and Dusty, the catcher, pull together to help the team and their friend.
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Theatre program.
This is the first title in a new series Emerging Writers in Creative Nonfiction. This collection of sixteen essays encompasses a wide range of fascinating characters: Tom Cruise, Geraldo Rivera, the woman who pilots balloons, the man who trains and races pigs and many other extraordinary people. Jeanne Marie Laskas is a highly talented story teller who looks at the world from her unique perspective.
History is a life lesson that often repeats itself, however we as women can learn from our past to create a promising future. Learning is a powerful tool that most of us take for granted. With this book, I hope to teach and inspire individuals from my personal perspective. This book is for the women that think they're going through life's hardships alone, for the women that lack self empowerment to reach their aspirations, and for the men that simply want to see life from a woman's point of view. I wish to share with you my personal journey, in hopes that you may be able to find courage and happiness within your own life.
An absorbing paranormal novel - Stella is pretty relaxed about her gift of second sight, but her happy-go-lucky attitude to her gift screeches to a halt when Siri, her twelve-year-old daughter, is savagely murdered and Stella can find her daughter nowhere, in this world or the next. Then, in the old French town of Agde, she meets Louis, a clever, mysterious man, and a young boy who is always near him. These two lead her to a new place and a time where her search for Siri takes on a new meaning.
Informative, yet easy to understand This excellent, handy treatise (125 pages) covers the rich and profound references to Mary, as prefigured in the Old Testament women and prophecies and as found in the New Testament, at the momentous events of Salvation History, from the Annunciation to Pentecost. In keeping with the Church's long tradition of placing Mary's role in the center, beside her Divine Son, through legitimate Scriptural interpretation, the author demonstrates a number of times how Scripture supports Mary's role as Mediatrix of All Graces. The coverage of the historicity of the Infancy Narratives in the Gospel is particularly good in answering Scriptural scholars who attempt to discredit what the Church has always held as historically true.
Follows the story of American heiress Isabel as she visits Europe to find her own destiny, is pursued by suitors, and ultimately must make a tragic choice

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