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If a wonderful and lasting marriage is what you want – this guide’s for you! So You Want to Get Married? is a must read for anyone currently in a serious relationship or thinking about entering into one. Initially written for his children, the author writes in a fatherly and personal way about how to avoid major issues that often lead to painful divorces. He also examines serious topics that better help you understand your potential spouse and identify your level of commitment to him/her. Through an insightful and simple process using the fingers of the hand, the author helps you think through and evaluate five critical areas everyone must consider before making a lifetime commitment to an individual. His innovative approach makes it easy for anyone to learn and remember the issues you truly need to address. With your acquired knowledge you will be better prepared to make a decision as to whether he/she is the right one for you – and whether you will have a wonderful and lasting marriage. “This easy to remember set of principles brings clarity to the foggy world of love and marriage. The advice in this book is the most useful I have ever heard. I tell all my single friends about it. I definitely used it when I was dating, and now that I’m happily married, I see things in my husband and I can say, “I knew this was the man I was marrying!” For me it is a great comfort.” Tirsa S. Stewart “So You Want to Get Married? is a concise and memorable checklist of five of the most important aspects to consider in a mate before making the big decision of marriage. It helped me sift through many different candidates as I searched for the man of my dreams. Now that I am living my fairy tale with him, I continue to share the five finger analysis with all my single friends in hopes that they will also be able to find a wonderful, loving companion to spend life and eternity with.” Arisa S. Field “The “Five Fingers” theory is what taught me what is essential to a good marriage. It does not teach that everyone needs to be perfect---to the contrary, it teaches that all people have flaws and that is normal. The question is whether you are willing to accept and live happily with the “flaws” of the one you are considering spending the rest of your life with. These are five things that no man/woman should look past when considering marriage.” Azalea S. Klein “It was hard growing up without ever having a boyfriend until I was 23. But the five finger rule is what kept me from settling! I now see that I avoided a lot of heart ache and bad choices by never getting serious with someone who didn’t meet my basic five finger criteria. I am also grateful that while my husband is not perfect, I did get all five fingers... even the pinkie!”. Stacey S. Carruth
Based on the author's blog, Ayzah atjawaz.
Are you a single person who has been longing to be married? Were you formally married and now find it difficult living without a spouse? Perhaps you are a single parent who has been praying for a godly husband to assist in the rearing of your children. You are not alone. Recent statistics reveal that an unprecedented number of Americans are single and seeking to be married. God has not forgotten you. He hears your prayers and feels your pain. However, it is His desire that you experience a marriage that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. This requires that you prepare for marriage according to His plan and based on His Word. Following Gods plan allows Him to lead you to the spouse that He has ordained for you and only you! His plan guarantees that you can absolutely know who your spouse is! You can become the bride or groom to the one who God has ordained to become your mate for a lifetime.
With this book, you'll find a smart, clear relationship guide with 10 essential questions that need to be asked before - and during - the dating process in order to spot long-term potential. Filled with real-life anecdotes and insightful dating advice, these chapters will help you better understand youself and what you really need to succeed in building a loving marriage.
The long-term success of a marriage depends heavily on how well spouses adjust during the early years. Getting good advice early on helps couples manage expectations and encourages them to prepare by discussing key issues. SO, YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED? consists of 12 letters that the author wrote to an engaged couple some years ago. The informal letter format provides a useful tool to share insights that are significant to young lovers who are in the process of courtship or who are engaged. The author’s sincere prayer is that these pages will touch readers’ lives in a deep and wonderful way, and serve as reminders that Jesus Christ is the Author of marriage and as such is the Way, the Truth, and the Life in this as in every area of life.
This manual on the biblical principles of marriage reveals how to find and get married to one's right spouse without difficulties, and how to have a successful and enjoyable marriage.

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