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An assortment of fifty oven-free cake recipes that can be prepared in the refrigerator or freezer demonstrates how to use store-bought cake-layer substitutes for a variety of needs, in a collection that features such options as Triple Chocolate Mousse Terrine, Twinkie Tiramisu, and Black forest Icebox Cake. Simultaneous.
Icebox cakes feature crisp wafers and billowy whipped cream layered together and chilled overnight, where they transform into a heavenly cakelike texture. In this tempting cookbook, eager cooks can start with the Old School, a classic pairing of chocolate wafers and lush whipped cream, before moving on to fantastic combinations such as Luscious Lemon with its lemon curd filling and ladyfingers or the Black Forest's cherries and mounds of chocolate-kirsch whipped cream. Ideal when made a day or two in advance, these minimum-fuss cakes promise maximum friends-and-family cheer.
In summer we always strive for something refreshing. This doesn't always mean drinks. Well, of course, we need drinks to keep up hydrated in those hot days, however, we also don't want to eat desserts that are don't have that refreshing feeling. Well, that is why icebox cakes are here for you. So, I wouldn't choose which one is more refreshing ice-cream or icebox cake because they both are unique in their own way, Plus we all defiantly want to have ice cream and icebox cake in all other seasons because they are a truly rewarding type of desserts. Icebox cakes are an old-fashion cake that doesn't require baking but only refrigerating. They are mostly made from two simple ingredients like whipped cream and cookies. However, these cakes can be magical if we just let our imagination take place in the kitchen. You can combine more ingredients and just wait a few hours until it cools in the fridge. This time will allow the cookie or any other base ingredient to absorb the moister from the cream, which will make the cake absolutely delicious. Get this book right now because you will get all the recipes you need to start making icebox cakes like never before. Plus they will give you the inspiration to start making your own combinations. In this book: - 20 icebox cake recipes - 5 Bonus Cake Recipes - Simple Instructions - Easy available ingredients
Featuring more than one hundred recipes for a wide range of desserts, this guide to topping off any meal with a delightful treat includes instructions for preparing tiramisu, truffles, parfaits, and other no-bake, cold treats. Simultaneous.
DIV Here are nearly 300 recipes, each of them worked out to fool-proof protection, including Raspberry-Strawberry Bavarian, creamy Black-and-White Cheesecake, Walnut Fudge Pie a la Mode, and many more. Recipes range from cakes to cookies, pastries, crepes, blintzes, popovers, cream puffs, puff pastry, pies, cheesecakes, ice creams, and souffles. /div
Modern Unique Treats to Give Your Oven a Break This new take on mix, place and refrigerate takes no-bake treats to another level with indulgent flavors. Go beyond traditional desserts with Julianne Bayer’s easy-to-follow recipes that span over many categories with distinctive and contemporary takes on classics that are bound to please any palate. Create exceptional flavors with desserts such as S’mores Lasagna, Peanut Butter and Banana Icebox Cake, Brownie Batter Cheesecake, Coconut Lime Cookie Truffles and Dulce De Leche Pie. Wow your friends and family with extraordinary desserts that pack a punch of flavor without complicated ingredients or tricky cooking techniques.
A collection of old-fashioned desserts, updated for today's tastes, includes profiles of various chefs, their recollections of favorite desserts, and excerpts from related literature.
The successful muffin entrepreneur who has written four books shares more of her baking secrets, offering more than two hundred recipes for cakes and pies--cheesecakes, coffeecakes, chocolate cakes, sponge cakes, fruit pies, and cream pies. Original.

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