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A polar bear grieves over the loss of his companion, based on the real-life Gus and Ida of New York's Central Park Zoo.
This is the story of Ida, whose life consists mainly of resting, because she is always tired; of talking to herself; and of getting married, time after time.
Jan Jordan is having a birthday—a birthday she's been dreading since she learned to count...surely life can be nothing but downhill from here. Kenny Pearson is old enough to know better, but he doesn't care. As long as he can still knock a softball out of the park and brag about it over a beer with the guys afterward, life is good. Ida Bauer is old and doesn't mind saying so. Her husband is gone and so are most of her friends—and she has to face it—soon she will be too. Does she have anything left to offer in the time she has left? God has a plan for all these people...if only they will listen.
A compelling novel of real faith that follows four African-American women throughout one year as they learn to balance children, estranged husbands, boyfriends, and problems at work with their heartfelt belief in God.
Fighting the Good Fight is a journey of faith, love, and Godliness, all centered around a life-and-death struggle for three members of my family who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Starting in 2007 and ending in 2012, life for our family was to see drastic changes, as everyday life had to take a back seat to the daily struggles for survival. I watched my family pull together and do whatever was needed to provide the necessary care for our cancer patients. In 2007, fate was about to deal us a card that would watch my angel walk with God on one side and death on the other. Ida was up to the task. She was ready to fight the good fight, as she would endure more than three hundred chemotherapy treatments in a five-year period. During the interim, my son-in-law's father, and then my son-in-law, would deal with terminal cancer.

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