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When we hear the word 'idol' we tend to think of football players or pop stars. We may even remember that some people's religion meant worshipping idols: little or large statues that represented a god. But what has this to do with us today? Julian Hardyman is increasingly convinced that idolatry – putting anything else in the place that is rightfully God's – explains us and our problems: Why we get so angry about traffic jams. What drives us to work so hard our marriage hits the rocks. What lies behind that compulsion to look at pornography. He has also found that God is engaged in a war to win back our hearts.
'If you doubt that God has a sense of humor, you haven't read about Kerri's love life yet!' Discouraged with dating books written by authors who married just after puberty and then tried to give relationship advice---'I didn't meet my husband until I was seventeen, and I'm so glad I waited'---Kerri decided to write her book as a single woman in the trenches trying to meet Mr. Right. Stand-up comedian Kerri Pomarolli shares her side of the Christian dating scene and brings a fresh new light to dating, faith, and being single. In this tell-it-how-it-is book, Kerri offers a glimpse into the mind and heart of a single woman as she shares her personal stories of joy, frustration, pain, and late-night snacks. If I'm Waiting on God, Then What Am I Doing in a Christian Chatroom? is the humorous and moving story of one woman's search for real faith and true love. 'This book is hilarious. It's perfect for the God-fearing gal who's looking for love in all the wrong places. I found myself uplifted, knowing I wasn't alone.' ---Christia Mantzke, recording artist 'Finally! We men get a glimpse of what is really going on in the minds of Christian single women! I couldn't put it down!' ---Jay Pesek, Nashville Speakers Bureau
1. If God is pure, then how did sin and evil enter into this world? 2. The state of fallen angels that has been thrown on earth 3. The fraud committed by the fallen angels using the name of the great men who once lived on this earth 4. The greatest mistake committed naturally! 5. Our elders often say that all gods are same, as they all teach to be good! 6. Your soul will be handed over to the deity you dearly worship 7. What should intelligent men do? 8. Where is the true God? How can we find him?
Eschatology is the explication of what must be true of the end, both of history and of the individual, if God is to be the God of the biblical faith. All eschatological statements can finally be reduced to, and their validity tested by, sentences beginning: 'In the end, God . . .' J. A. T. Robinson The God revealed in Israel's story is the Lord of history--a God with good purposes for his creation and a God capable of bringing those purposes to pass. All biblical eschatology arises from this fundamental theological insight. If God is this God then what shape must the future have? John A. T. Robinson explores biblical eschatology with an eye both to the text and to contemporary culture. Revealing the foundation of eschatology to be the experience of God by the community of faith, he calls readers to embrace the eschatological vision of the Bible, but to do so in a way that is alert to its mythic character. In the course of these explorations Robinson also lays bare his own theology of universal salvation. But, contrary to what one may expect, this universalism is one that seeks to take both human freedom and the reality of hell with the utmost seriousness. This special edition of John A. T. Robinson's classic text also includes a debate between Robinson and Thomas F. Torrance (played out across three articles from the Scottish Journal of Theology in 1949), an extended introduction by Professor Trevor Hart (University of St Andrews, Scotland), and a foreword by Gregory MacDonald (author of The Evangelical Universalist).
“If Not God, Then Satan (John 8:42-47)” is a sermon that fills a much needed void in today’s postmodern world. In the cited passage, Jesus states that if you do not love him, then Satan, not God, is your Father. For those who do not accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, this should be sobering bad news. In applying Jesus’ damning statement to the world today, the author reviles both postmodernism as illogical nonsense and Islam as a grave threat to world peace. His authority is the Bible, and he goes to considerable length to address the “standard” objections to believing in the Bible as the inspired and therefore inerrant Word of God. This sermon is divided into six “chapters” for the convenience of the reader, and there are questions and a place to take notes at the end of each chapter. The author wrote this sermon because he felt called by God to do so. It is the author’s hope that it will strengthen believers in their faith and call unbelievers to Jesus, who is the only way to salvation.
I believe at some point in all our life, we would love to know what we know now back then, then many of us would have done things much differently.
You’re not defined by what you’ve done. You’re defined by Who pursues you. What if you could believe that God not only chases you, but has yet to leave your side for a second, has yet to go a minute without courting you, whispering in your heart, I’m right here? What if you could believe that God is never distant, never out of reach, never indifferent to what’s going on in your life? Would that make a difference in your relationship with him? And what if you could go a step further and believe that God’s pursuit has nothing to do with your level of faithfulness? He is just as near, and just as vigilant in his pursuit, regardless of your dedication to the spiritual disciplines, and in spite of your struggle with sin. Because of his nature, it is impossible for God not to pursue you. In Furious Pursuit, Tim King and Frank Martin invite you to lay down the smaller story of your life and instead tap into the Larger Story. To begin today by allowing God to transform the nature of your relationship with him. To stop chasing God and start embracing the Romance that is already well under way. Begin today! Open yourself to God’s Furious Pursuit. Companion workbook also available.

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