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From Lewis Black, the uproarious and perpetually apoplectic New York Times-bestselling author and Daily Show regular, comes a ferociously funny book about his least favorite holiday, Christmas. Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace on earth and goodwill toward all. But not for Lewis Black. He says humbug to the Christmas tradtitions and trappings that make the holiday memorable. In I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas, his hilarious and sharply observed book about the holiday, Lewis lets loose on all things Yule. It's a very personal look at what's wrong with Christmas, seen through the eyes of "the most engagingly pissed-off comedian ever."* From his own Christmas rituals—which have absolutely nothing to do with presents or the Christmas tree or Rudolph—to his own eccentric experiences with the holiday (from a USO Christmas tour to playing Santa Claus in full regalia), I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas is classic Lewis Black: funny, razor-sharp, insightful, and honest. You'll never think of Christmas in the same way. *Stephen King
Fed up with the annual holiday madness? Itas time to take controlacontrol of overspending, overgifting, overdecorating, and overtiring yourself and your family. Refuse to do it anymore! Find out how to draw up a practical yet inexpensive gift list, decorate your home with what you already have and even get rid of some of it, dress yourself and family from thrift stores, and feed your family and guests without breaking your back or the bank. Learn how to prevent kid and pet meltdowns, too. With a little humor and a lot of improvisation, you can provide a successful holiday season for yourself and your loved ones without pleasing the credit card companies and adding to the me-ism of society. Try the tips and suggestions in this book and you may be able to restore peace and goodwill toward men, women, and children in yourself. Itas your holiday, too!
It's Milwaukee, it's the 60's, and this segregated city is about to blow. Jozef Miszewski, a union organizer, has always taught his family to fight for justice but he has no idea his daughter Lila is getting mixed up with Father Groppi and those rabble-rousers from St. Boniface who are planning to march across town to Kosciusko Park. It's Milwaukee, it's the 60s and parents can't rely on internet searches, cell phones or emails to keep tabs on their kids. Secrets are easily hidden and the Miszewski kids are pros, especially the youngest, Kazia, who learns how to cover her tracks when she crosses the viaduct.
Two advertising veterans explain the myths about branding—and how even the smallest businesses can benefit by defining themselves to their customers. Branding may be the single most misunderstood concept in marketing. It’s not only for big businesses with big bucks. It’s not about a logo, a color, a font, or a type of advertising. Branding is defining a company’s image in such a way that the customer is left with a single feeling about that business and what they do. Branding is about finding a business’s juicy center. Even small businesses on shoestring budgets and sole practitioners can learn the principles of good branding—an effort that encompasses not just messaging, but multiple day-to-day decisions that shape and build your customers’ perceptions and emotions. With numerous real-life examples and the expertise that comes only from experience, this book guides you to a new way of thinking about your business, and the kind of wisdom that no amount of money can buy.
Happy haunted holidays: ghostgirl is back in an all-new novella! This eBook novella continues the New York Times bestselling ghostgirl series by Tonya Hurley.
The Benezit Dictionary of British Graphic Artists and Illustrators consists of over 3,000 entries on a range of British artists, from medieval manuscript illuminators to contemporary cartoonists. Its core is comprised of the entries focusing on British graphic artists and illustrators from the 2006 Benezit Dictionary of Artists with an additional 90 revised and 60 new articles. The collection highlights the rich history of British printmaking-both fine art prints and mass print media-and related activities in the production and illustration of printed books and manuscripts. Because of Benezit's focus on European artists of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, this collection provides comprehensive coverage of British graphic art and illustration during their most significant periods of development. Entries provide straightforward, concise narratives of the artists' lives and careers, and many entries include bibliographies, auction sale records, exhibition histories, and museum collection holdings. This collection also includes over 200 images of artists' signatures. The Benezit Dictionary of British Graphic Artists and Illustrators serves as a compact, affordable alternative to the fourteen-volume Benezit for specialists and collectors in the fields of British art and/or printmaking.
ONLY 200 AVAILABLE 400 artworks in full colour, many never reproduced before This book spans the entire collection, from early European prints to contemporary acquisitions. International artworks by Rembrandt van Rijn, Albrecht Durer, Marcel Duchamp, Barbara Hepworth, Natalie Goncharova and Robert Mapplethorpe. Alongside masterpieces from some of NZ's most significant and best-loved artists - Charles Goldie, Rita Angus, Ralph Hotere, Colin McCahon, Frances Hodgkins, Bill Hammond, Shane Cotton and Yvonne Todd Each artwork accompanied by a mini-essay from an expert art historian NOT derived from Icons Nga Taonga

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