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Examines the fateful chain of events in 1940, and reassesses some of the myths that arose in the intervening years. This book includes accounts that present the chaos and horror of war and the grim deprivation of the camps and forced marches which so many endured. It contains stories that resound with the spirit, humour and sense of comradeship.
An account of the aid worker co-author's dramatic January 2012 rescue from kidnappers in Somalia by members of a Navy SEAL Team Six unit offers insight into the effective use of targeted U.S. military missions.
Elite warrior swordsmen, they are unequalled in any time or realm . . . The King's Blades The King has decreed that new Blades must be sworn into the service of the Grand Duke Rubin, deposed by a foul usurper and currently on the run. But none of the rough youths being readied at Ironhall possess the seasoning to survive what better, more skilled Blades already have not. Still, two woefully unprepared candidates are approached with an offer of early bonding and probable death: deft but dense, rude Ranter, and eager, impetuous Ringwood . . . with a third, the inadequate swordsman but potentially able spy Bellman, enlisted into their threadbare ranks. Joining the Duke's entourage along with the courageous and prescient White Sister Trudy, the would-be champions must restore a rightful ruler to the throne or die in the process. But before them waits an army of the dead. And the Duke whom the Blades must protect to the last drop of their lifeblood is not the liege they imagined . . .
A sixteen-year-old basketball star name Gregory Powers traveled to Arkansas with his uncle to play basketball in a semi-pro league. While honing his skills as a prize athlete, Gregory Powers, living under the assumed name of Donald Price, witnessed a grisly crime.Unbeknownst to Gregory, the criminals responsible for the brutal murder of an undercover government agent were part of a colossal crime syndicate with a long reach. Despite the high stakes, a competent cadre of FBI operatives worked overtime to make certain Gregory, and his family stayed safe. The Federal Agents investigating the crime determined that Gregory Powers would need to enter the Federal witness Protection Program, but Gregory hated the idea. Although powerless to change his fate, Gregory lamented the Witness Protection Program mostly because it forced him to say goodbye to his new girlfriend, Hayden Smith, who also hid a secret from Donald Price.Donald's romance with Hayden was not a whirlwind tryst, but a genuine melding of two hearts. Despite their youth, Hayden and Donald refused to give up on the possibility of reuniting someday. Gregory's Uncle Joe Preston and his best friend Willis Yardley, an orphan from his hometown, joined him in the Witness Protection Program.Could Agents Sue Friday, Jackson Hall, Natalya Perkins, and Bryant Hill rise to the challenge of protecting Gregory and preserving the possibility of his reunion with the love of his life?
A horrific accident almost tragically ended my life. Read about how I defied the odds and overcame certain death and disability to do the extraordinary. Read how I went from a coma to become an inspiration, from not being able to walk to sprinting against a national track runner, not having the ability to read or write to teaching advanced math and writing essays. That fateful, devastating accident changed my life forever. They said there was no hope for my survival. Medical professionals prepared my parents and fiancé for my imminent death; it was just a matter of time. If I did somehow survive, I would never be the same with the massive brain damage I had sustained. I would likely not remember anyone. I would never walk again or talk again or be independent ever again. I would most likely be connected to medical machines my entire life. My real life story will give you new hope and encouragement. Let me inspire you to be the best you can be.
Politics is a world Chance "Dice" Sanders is all too familiar with. Thrust in the middle of his family's political careers, he ran off to join the Coast Guard. His fearlessness and impulsive decisions earned him a reputation as a rescue swimmer. It wasn't long before his fame in the water earned him a position on Rescue Team Nine. He had it all: power, money, and women. But there is one thing he wanted most ... her. Henderson Ranch was struck with disaster the day a flood hit the town of Mayberry, Mississippi. Cloey Henderson didn't think it could get worse until her brother went mad and was killed while being sought after for kidnapping. Finding solace in the arms of Dice becomes an escape for both of them. But passionate love affairs based on lust doesn't always last forever. There's a secret bound to bring them back together. Dice is determined to protect her, but she's just as determined to keep him away. Has Dice found the one girl that will cause him to hang up his playboy ways. Or will Cloey's secret prove to be too much?
This collection of 23 thrilling stories includes the tale of Jeanette Chaffee’s incredible survival of a midair explosion on TWA Flight 840. You can also read about Don Richardson’s remarkable experiences with headhunters, go behind-the-scenes into the amazing life of Elisabeth Elliot, meet NFL player Donnie Dee, and find out what happened to the singer of the Happy Days theme song. What was it like being the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham? What were the last words of Dr. Francis Schaeffer? What troubled Shirley Dobson? Learn about the musical miracle that took fifty years to be revealed. Discover how a nine-year-old orphan helped reform a cannibal tribe, and much more. The book includes over 60 photos, many rare and unpublished. “...full of stories that will inspire and encourage.” Jim Daly—president of Focus on the Family “...a must-read.” Les Steckel—NFL Coach to two Super Bowls “Jeanette is simply another example that God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways.” Richard Stearns—president of World Vision, U.S. “Exciting... inspirational. Praise the Lord for Jeanette’s life and testimony.” Pat Boone—actor and singer “Riveting!” “Couldn’t put it down.” “Wow! Gripping.” Various readers

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