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In an adaptation of the Mother Goose poem "This Is the House that Jack Built," animals of the Arctic--including an Inuit hunter--are introduced through rhythmic stanzas and colorful art.
Exciting, compelling reading: it was the convoy system that won us the war, as Churchill later acknowledged Complete history through all the Arctic convoys Much Russian archive research included
The most comprehensive and richest study undertaken so far of the factors and conditions that will determine the scope and range of shipping and shipping activities in Arctic waters now and in the future. Furthermore, it is the first study comparing the three Arctic transportation corridors, covering a variety of interacting and interdependent factors such as: - geopolitics, military affairs, global warming, sea ice melting, international economic trends, resources, competing modes of transportation, environmental challenges, logistics, ocean law and regulations, corporate governance, jurisdictional matters and rights of indigenous peoples, arctic cruise tourism and marine insurance.
Relates the different theories about the Soviet Union's increasing naval interest in arctic waters. Discusses the security implications for the northern flank of NATO, especially for Norway.
This book is experiences of the author aboard a destroyer on the Murmansk Arctic convoys of WWII. In spite of it being related to war, the content of the book is really to show what life was like for the ordinary ratings and their tasks, not the fighting. Many of the happenings are strangely amusing, depending on how they are read. Most of the occurrences were just everyday duties or chores that somehow went wrong or were the result of naivety of the crew, most of whom had never reached the age of 20 years and were thrown into doing things they had never contemplated before. So this book is really short yarns, mostly of amusing instances of life aboard a ship at war. These yarns are short, but the book as a whole is unique in as much as it is history as far as life was concerned on small RN ships in WWII, much of which few people have ever looked into or even heard about. The author's work dealt with intercepting messages from and locating German submarines by shortwave radio direction finding. This was specialised, little of which has ever been reported, although closely related to the work at Bletchley Park. Here it is dealt with extensively.
There are a lot of animals living in Arctic waters! This book features animals that live in the waters around Nunavut, such as the narwhal and the ringed seal.

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