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When reporter Guinivere Jones went looking for a cozy little beach cottage on Sanibel Island, Florida, a dead body was definitely NOT on her must-have list. It's "House Hunters" meets "Murder, She Wrote" in this fun, new mystery, the third book in the bestselling Sanibel Island Mystery series.
Spring, 1909, and Lady Hardcastle, amateur sleuth and all-round eccentric, is enjoying a well-deserved rest. But a week after a trip to the cattle market, Spencer Caradine, a local farmer, turns up dead in the pub, face-down in his beef and mushroom pie. Once again, it is up to Lady Hardcastle and her maid, Florence, to solve the case. Armed with wit and whimsy, not to mention Florence's mean right hook, the pair set out to discover what really happened and why. Was it poison or just ill luck? As they delve further into their investigation, they encounter a theft where nothing is stolen, a s�ance with a troubled ghost and an ever-increasing number of Spencer's family and friends who might just have motive for murder. One thing's for sure: Lady Hardcastle has a mystery on her hands.
A shattered peace in the tranquil West Country. The peace of a small West Country village is rudely shattered when a bomb explodes in the local supermarket. Karen Slocombe, a member of the Food Chain Group and staunch supporter of local produce, would not normally care for the loss of a supermarket, but she does take offence to such violence and that fact that she and her daughter were very nearly caught up in the explosion. When, a few days later, Karen witnesses the horrifying murder of an adjacent stallholder at the local farmer’s market, she begins to wonder just who is committing these seemingly motiveless crimes and why does she keep finding herself in the middle of the crime scene?
'It's a funny thing about holidays in the country, but after only a few days away you feel as if you've been out of circulation for a month' Marcus Corvinus' break in the Alban Hills is interrupted by the sudden and messy death of a candidate for the local censorship post. Can Corvinus find his murderer before the Latin Festival raises its stakes? How do the Latin Nationalists fit into the picture? And what exactly is Meton the chef up to in the kitchen with Dassa the sheep? Corvinus doesn't know the answers either.
To celebrate the depth and history of British crime, this Bello omnibus brings together three talented writers in one volume. Murder In Moscow: Foreign correspondent George Gerney investigates the murder of a member of a pro-Soviet delegation from England, in Andrew Garve’s classic Cold War thriller. Refusing to accept the official Russian explanation and better versed than most foreigners in Soviet tactics of every kind, Gerney does his own investigating – giving a shrewd and often amusing picture of life behind the Iron Curtain. A Game of Murder: A young Scotland Yard officer is on leave when his father dies in a golfing accident but he cannot let the mystery go. Who is the young man seen on the golf links and why is everyone so interested in a dog’s collar? The twisting, turning plot drips suspense on every page, quickening into a flood of action and mystery. Francis Durbridge’s novel of his classic 1966 TV serial keeps the reader guessing unti the very end. Prescription For Murder: When animal rights’ protesters disrupt a Closter Drug Company press conference it’s seen as no more than an embarrassment, but then one of the company directors is kidnapped. An unusual demand for ransom — that the other directors sell their company shares at a crippling loss — adds to the puzzle and it’s up to David Williams’ famous merchant banker turned investigator, Mark Treasure, to figure out what’s really happening.
Twenty-eight people sign in at a real estate "open-house showing" in a foothills area of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains on a Sunday in early fall. Five days later one of them is still there. Dead. Murdered. The two female brokers who discover the body are appalled and angered by the ineptitude of the sherriff's deputies who respond to their 911 call. Then further infuriated by the chief investigator's initial dismissal of their offer to assist, they set out to investigate and solve the murder on their own. What ensues are their sometimes hilarious adventures and escapades as they boldly assume disguises , stalk suspects, and generally engage in "sleuthing" activities to check out the other twenty-seven visitors to the open-house. Action culminates with the confrontation between one broker and the murderer.

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