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From the author of A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES - set to be a major Hollywood film - comes the third novel in the Matt Scudder series. When hard-drinking ex-cop Matt Scudder is roped into an NYPD internal investigation, one detective ends up in the slammer on a murder charge. Jerry seems as clean as the world would like him to be, but Scudder isn't too sure. After all, Jerry was only too keen to dish the dirt on his former colleagues as a way of saving his own skin... The third novel in the explosive Matt Scudder series from a master of the crime thriller genre.
"This is a thoroughly useful, authoritative and compassionate book about the last taboo subject death. In exploring our responses to death, it reveals a great deal about Australian society. There is grim humour in the practical details of burial in the days of pick and shovel and a priest if you were lucky. Stories of elaborate Victorian mourning etiquette, of poignant personal histories recorded on gravestones, of vehement debates about cremation, and much more, make good reading. The authors a theologian and a funeral director use this frank social history to look at questions we often avoid. What is grief? How can we help ourselves and others through it? What choices do we have for farewelling our loved ones? Are the rituals of churches, funeral parlours and cemeteries flexible enough to meet our endlessly varied needs? Both professional and general readers will find many answers and yet more questions in this informative and reassuring book."
Focuses on the health care professions and the institutional care of the dying.
From the Depths of Death in the Midst of Chaos is the second novel of the True Love Trilogy - a genre-crossing story line that could pass as much for action and romance as it does its noticeably pointed focus in modern science fiction. Continuing things within the SpaceStation Colt series, this second book takes a startling detour for the darkest concerning an interstellar conflict which spans not only the Epic Universe (2009 - ) but its defunct literary predecessor Zero Universe (1987 - 1994) - forever linking the two together. Lieutenant Marileva Dike-Sims returns to sort through the events that were introduced in her own universe while navigating the events which happened to be left unfinished from a universe that she never even knew existed. This eBook is one of those rare literary works which is so self-aware that it becomes a mastery in every sense of its allotted genres by deeply honoring the characters and lending much-deserved closure to the old while propelling the current into their own new, expansive light - credibly. Something To Root For: The intrigue of pro- and antagonistic characters makes them both thoroughly enjoyable; the amount and level of social commentary is staggering; the fiction part of this sequel happens to be almost three times the size of its predecessor while the science part includes stepped up technology to match; and the eloquence of the prose is matched only by the complexity of the story.
What this collection aims to do is to make visible the spectacular ways in which the vernacular has been incorporated into current interpretative practices. It contains practical appropriations of biblical narratives, informed by the vernacular heritage and by the reader's own identity, and spells out the theoretical aim and ambit of such an enterprise. More importantly, it tries to place vernacular reading among the ongoing critical movements of our time, such as postmodernism and postcolonialism. Though the collection celebrates the arrival of the vernacular, it is also aware of the dangers of inventing an 'idealized indigene' and of partaking in mythmaking. In addition to the editor, the contributors include Laura Donaldson, Gerald West, Thomas Thangaraj, David Adamo, Dalila Naya-Pot and George Mulrain.
Hardships and pain are inevitable and will be encountered in everyone's life. At some point in our life, we will experience hardships, pain, and suffering, for no one can escape them. Prepared people aren't as badly affected by the inevitability of hardships as those who aren't prepared. How you deal with hardships defines your future. Hardships and suffering define your character and make you better. Pain and hardship give one an opportunity to grow as a person. They are impermanent and won't last. Nothing in our universe escapes impermanence. Keep the truth "it won't last" in your mind. Strength comes from realizing that other people are going through what you're going through. Pain and suffering can't be avoided and sometimes come acutely. Fierce experiences are a part of life. Negative self-talk increases their effect, while positive self-talk keeps you calm. Use your words to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Deal with stress through your self-talk. We all talk to ourselves, either out loud or in our heads. Your positive self-talk will reduce stress and help you deal with situations that cause you stress. Control your thoughts and words. Stress and anxiety can help us make the necessary changes in our lives and help us to act in our best interest. Everyone has feelings of nervousness, tension, and stress at times. Practice relaxation techniques to control your mind. Deep breathing helps the entire body let go and loosen up. Your mind and body must feel peaceful and strong in order to handle life's ups and downs. Keep your mind off of worry by focusing your thoughts on beautiful, happy, and positive things.
Love in the Midst of Grief is the story of a devastating double tragedy; the deaths of two much-loved young men within a short time of one another, one from a terrible virus, the other from unknown causes. Their loss devastated their family. Nine years on, their younger brother-in-law, Satenam Johal, who has a professional background in social care, has written a detailed account of the tragedy and its aftermath. In doing so he hopes not only to help his family in their continuing grief but to provide others who are mourning loved ones to understand and manage the grieving process. The book will also be of great help to professionals seeking to help the bereaved.

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