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In an epic set in Iceland in the early twentieth century, Gudbjartur Jonsson buys his own croft after eighteen years of service to the local bailiff, and brings his wife and his small flock of sheep there to build a new, independent life for himself.
Bjartus is a sheep farmer hewing a living from a blighted patch of land in Iceland. After 18 years of servitude to a master he despises, all he wants is to raise his flock unbeholden to anyone. Nothing, not inclement weather, not his wives, not his family will come between him and his goal of financial independence. Only Asta Solillja, the child he brings up as his daughter, can pierce his stubborn heart. But she too wishes to live independently - and when Bjartus throws her from the house on discovering she is pregnant, her more temperate determination is set against his stony will.
Tribunal met at Singtam, Sikkim from January 22-23 2011.
When the shooting of the American Revolution died away, North Carolinians continued to work out the meaning of independence in the fabric of their daily lives. This book describes how these efforts toward independence left their marks on public and private life. It is the second volume in The Way We Lived in North Carolina, a pioneering series that uses historic places as windows to the past.

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