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Shares illustrations of familiar foods, toys, and vehicles with readers.
This collection of essays examines the richness of life in a family and the struggle of one nuclear family cut off from history and tradition to create its own rituals and myths.
Your baby is trying to tell you something. And learning to understand her is the first step in becoming a better parent---and in providing the basis for a well adjusted, sociable adulthood. Now, you can pinpoint your baby's individual learning CODE. * The V CODE: is your baby content to stare at the little clowns on her blanket, or a picture of another baby? Watch out--you might just have a V coder! * The A CODE: The colorful mobile holds no interest for her. But the music box sounds make her giggle, shriek and "talk" all through the night----she's an A coder. * The K CODE: You've considered putting her on a lease, she wiggles and crawls so much. She gets into every nook and cranny, and even falls asleep while standing! WOW---you've got a K coder!
Jean and Paul are identical twins. Outsiders, even their parents, cannot tell them apart, and call them Jean-Paul. When Jean rebels against their unity and deserts his brother, Paul sets out to follow him in a pilgrimage that leads all around the world, through places that reflect their separation.
Selected articles from Brahmavadin, 1895-1914, English quarterly devoted to spiritual values.
Book 1, Anchor Gabriel Rossi has never met her, doesn’t even know her name, but the former Marine turned Coast Guard will do anything to rescue the woman who saved his daughter, even if it means risking his career, his life–and his heart. Book 2, Warrior Benjamin Hart returns home from his last tour in Afghanistan a broken man and learns the night he shared with his best friend’s little sister resulted in more than just smokin’ hot memories. Book 3, Valor Former MARSOC operator Benjamin Hart thought he knew everything there was to know about love. Losing it, winning it back. Now, he’ll have to learn what it will take to keep it.

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