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An investigation of the geographical incongruities in Homer’s epics locates Troy on the coast of Iberia, in a conflict that changed history • Cites the rise in sea level in 1200 B.C. as leading to the invasion and victory of the Atlantean sea people over the goddess-worshipping Trojans who ruled the coasts • Identifies Troia (Troy) as part of a tri-city area that later became Lisbon, Portugal In The Triumph of the Sea Gods, Steven Sora argues compellingly that Homer’s tales do not describe adventures in the Mediterranean, but are adaptations of Celtic myths that chronicle an Atlantic coastal war that took place off the Iberian Peninsula around 1200 B.C. It was a war between the pro-goddess Celtic culture that presided over what is now Portugal and the patriarchal culture of the sea-faring Atlanteans. The invasion of the Atlantean sea peoples brought destruction to the entire region stretching from Western Europe’s Atlantic border to Egypt, Syria, and Turkey. This was a turning point not only politically but also spiritually. The goddess became demonized, as seen in myths such as Pandora’s Box in which woman was seen as the source of evil, not the origin of life, and Homer’s tale of the epic Greek and Trojan war, which was triggered by the abduction of a woman. The actual historical struggle described in Homer’s stories, Sora explains, occurred during what was the last in a series of rises in sea level that inundated various land masses (Atlantis) and permitted sea passage to areas previously accessible only by land. The “Sea Gods” (Atlanteans) attacked the tri-city region of Troia (Troy), near present-day Lisbon, which, shortly thereafter, fell victim to a devastating series of seaquakes and tsunamis. The war and the subsequent destructive weather broke the power of this seaboard civilization, leading to a wholesale invasion by the sea peoples and the rapid decline of the region’s goddess-worshipping culture that had reigned there since Neolithic times. Sora shows how Homer’s tales allow the modern world to glimpse this ancient conflict, which has been obscured for centuries.
Kotker returns with The Inner Sea: A Novel of the Year 100. A globalizing Rome has taken nations and tribes by force, and the loss of national and tribal identity leaves people adrift in an indifferent empire. To whom does one belong? An aging widow sends her former slave across the sea to fetch her granddaughter. A silver merchant dispatches his son on a trading journey around the Mediterranean, where Jews and Christians are pulling apart from each other. The Jews find themselves without their centralizing Temple and the Christians without their Son of God. Fatalists trust to the stars; Stoics and Epicureans to themselves. The two young people cross paths, bringing down the worlds of their parents and ultimately testing the wisdom of the man whom Rome calls Son of God-the emperor, Trajan. With unobtrusive authority and deft skill Zane Kotker achieves the astonishing feat of making the richly various Mediterranean peoples of the year 100 AD as familiar to us as our neighbors. -Roger King, author of Love and Fatigue in America We come to love [her characters] in all their complexity and confusion, hoping along with them for a better world. This story will stay with you. -Susanne Dunlap, author of The Musician's Daughter Elegant, fast-paced. Its large cast of characters pulsates with life, inspiring the reader to meditate on the corruptions of power and the devastating consequences of military and religious warfare. -Herbert Leibowitz, Editor, Parnassus: Poetry in Review Zane Kotker's other novels include Bodies in Motion, A Certain Man, White Rising, and Try to Remember. She's the winner of a fiction grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, and other honors.
This beautiful, affordable volume of the Pathfinder Player Companion provides everything a player needs to know about the world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Short overviews of more than 40 nations of Golarion's Inner Sea region will help players choose a homeland for their character, with plenty of character traits to reward players for immersing themselves in the campaign world. Brief descriptions of the gods and religions of the Inner Sea expand the list of deities from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and offer tips to help players pick an appropriate patron deity. Easy color reference maps on the book's inside covers give players an "at a glance" look at their world, allowing them to better chart their destinies. The Inner Sea Primer makes a perfect hand-out for GMs who need to get players up to speed on the campaign world and a perfect introduction to the world of the Pathfinder RPG!
Omara is on the brink of war as the terrible forces of Anakhizer gather in the West. Against their assembled might, Simon Wargallow and a handful of allies journey secretly into the forbidden lands, bearing the rod of power. They enter the Deepwalks, an ancient and terrifying forest, where they learn the real nature of the horrors that threaten to engulf Omara. At last they must reach the edge of their world, where they are forced to confront the ultimate evil.

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