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The business leader's guide to encouraging continuous innovationin any organization Innovation governance is a hot topic in the business world. In afast-paced business environment, the ability of corporate leadersto build purpose, direction, and focus for innovation is moreimportant than ever. In this book, the authors provide a frameworkfor encouraging and focusing innovation by explaining whatinnovation governance is, the various models for governance andtheir advantages and disadvantages, how to assess and improvegovernance practices, and behavioral tactics for maximizing theeffectiveness of governance. It offers guidance for everyone fromthe boardroom through senior management, illustrating effectivegovernance models with real case studies from a range of companiesin the United States and Europe. Addressesan important yet underappreciated skill for CEOs, board members,and top management Featuresreal-world examples and case studies from a variety of businessfrom around the world Writtenby an author team with hands-on experience in the subjects ofinnovation management, organizational learning, innovationleadership, organizational behavior, and individual leadership andteamwork Innovation governance is a sadly neglected topic in manyorganizations. This book offers vital guidance and real-worldexperience for building innovation into any business from the topdown.
This contributed volume presents a state-of-the-art compendium for startups and corporations, focusing on corporate ventures. The book is based on the volume "Strategy and Communication for Innovation" and includes up-to-date discussions which help to better understand strategy and communication from a startup perspective. Each chapter offers a starting point for the exchange of ideas, key lessons and new insights from entrepreneurial perspectives such as e-ventures, corporate ventures and traditional ventures. Readers with an interest in innovation management will benefit from this book.
The book provides a basic introduction on innovation technology in research and industry, mainly chemical/ technical industry and therefore bridges the gap between academic and corporate markets. The different innovation stages are discussed and tools presented how to successfully apply this knowledge within a research organization.
The European higher education sector is moving online, but to what extent? Are the digital disruptions seen in other sectors of relevance for both academics and management in higher education? How far are we from fully seizing the opportunities that an online transition could offer? This insightful book presents a broad perspective on existing academic practices, and discusses how and where the move online has been successful, and the lessons that can be learned.
Since the mid-1990s risk management has dramatically expanded its reach and significance to become a benchmark of good governance for a wide variety of public and private organizations. This book shows that the rise of risk management has much less to do with real dangers and opportunities than with organizational accountability and legitimacy.

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