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Discusses the anatomy, development, and reproduction of segmented invertebrates, including rhinoceros beetles, swallowtail butterflies, and stinkbugs.
Recent studies have shown that genetic polymorphisms play an important role in structuring the seasonal life cycles of insects, complementing an earlier emphasis on the effects of environmental factors. This book presents current ideas and recent research on insect life--cycle polymorphism in a series of carefully prepared chapters by international experts, covering the full breadth of the subject in order to give an up-to-date view of how life cycles are controlled and how they evolve. By consolidating our view of insect life--cycle polymorphism in this way, the book provides a staging point for further enquiries. The volume will be of interest to a wide variety of entomologists and other biologists interested in the control and evolution of life cycles and in understanding the extraordinarily complex ecological strategies of insects and other organisms.
"Many insects hatch from eggs and molt several times as they grow bigger. Others, such as butterflies, undergo a complete metamorphosis. A common science curriculum topic, insect life cycles may be confusing because of these differences. However, this book breaks down these cycles into easy-to-understand steps in both accessible language and colorful diagrams readers can turn to for review again and again. The most important vocabulary needed to talk about insect life cycles is further explained in fact boxes and an extended glossary."
Asks and answers twenty questions about life cycles.
Describes the life cycle of different animals, including koalas, whales, birds, snakes, fish, and spiders.
Inside this book, meet 12 insects whose life cycles take weird to a whole new level. From wasps that turn spiders into zombies to help them take care of their larvae to bot flies that start life by burrowing into a horse's tongue, every page is packed with truly unbelievable facts. Perfect for reluctant readers, these books deliver life sciences in the creepiest, yuckiest way possible!

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