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Borrow from history for your next quilt with ninety free-motion quilting designs reinterpreted from eighteenth- and nineteenth-century quilts. Honor the elegance of the past with collector Bill Volckening and quilter Mandy Leins, who modernizes motifs such as the orange peel, feathers, and quatrefoil into continuous-lines designs that are perfect for all of today's quilts. Plus, learn tips for marking, combining motifs, and quilting.
Let Mother Nature inspire you! Best-selling author Amanda Murphy (Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book and Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book) shares the next book in her free-motion quilting series, packed with exciting new motifs. This handy guide provides over one hundred original ideas inspired by the elements--water, air, stones, fire, and more. Gain confidence in your free-motion work with step-by-step instructions and branch out in your creativity with myriad ideas organized by element and design type.
Are you ready to make your mark? Learning to free-motion quilt takes not just practice, but the right kinds of practice. You need to practice smart, and the exercises in this book are designed to help you do just that. They are both creative and fun, and you will find yourself building your skills in an enjoyable yet purposeful way from one to the next. Once you learn to create consistent stitches, stitch smooth curves and sharp points, and fill space, you are well on your way to modifying stitch patterns and creating your own designs. Kimberly Davis brings over 10 years of experience teaching the craft and art of free-motion quilting to hundreds of quilters at all skill levels. From beginners to the most advanced quilters she knows exactly what they need to progress from novice to expert. You will be inspired by Kimberly's thoughtful approach for encouraging the quilter's creativity, one step at a time. Be prepared to be inspired!
Discover the secret to joyful and confident free-motion work, and find the courage to take on any quilting project in twenty-one days! Quilting teacher Jenny Lyon shares an easy, three-step process to help you bridge the gap between ordinary quilting and extraordinary quilting. Learn how your choice of thread, fabric, and batting can improve your experience, push yourself out of your comfort zone with 5 skill-building projects, create your own unique quilting motifs, and more! Put the fun back in quilting again.
Presenting new machine trapunto quilting patterns, as well as creative project ideas. Hari reviews the basic techniques for machine trapunto, and then the FUN begins! You'lllove the beautiful texture and dimensionthat machine trapunto adds to your quilts. All new designs and patterns. Teaches hand quilters how to use the basic machine trapunto technique. Expands on concepts presented in Trapunto by Machine, with technique refinements that enhance shape definition. Includes cornerstone quilting — a reverse trapunto technique, great for borders and special effects. New tips and techniques for adding trapunto to miniature and small-scale quilts. New tips and techniques for using water-soluble thread in your quilting. Best of all, with machine trapunto, there are no holes in the back of your quilt!
Stuck in a quilting rut? Stop dawdling and start doodling! Get inspired to machine quilt that unfinished top with an astounding two hundred and fifty new designs from best-selling Doodle Quilting author Cheryl Malkowski. Dozens of free-motion ideas for quilting individual blocks--plus themed motifs, allover designs, and sashing and border patterns--mean you'll find a new freedom in traveling across the quilt. So change your tune from just getting it done to quilting up some fun!
Give your quilts the fancy finish they deserve with more than 60 lively continuous-line quilting designs from quilting pro Sheila Sinclair Snyder. Learn to stitch free-form spirals, feathers, flowers, bubbles, leaves, cables, and much more. Sheila shows you how to combine individual motifs into fluid designs for quilting blocks, borders, sashing, and all over the quilt. All designs work equally well on home sewing machines, mid-arm, and long-arm quilting machines, or for hand quilting. Try each motif in three versions: simple, more involved, and fabulously over the top! Includes bonus quilt project that’s perfect for practicing new quilting designs.

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