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How can teachers connect with and motivate students to embrace learning? According to Jonathan C. Erwin, the secret lies in forging positive relationships with students by meeting their individual social-emotional needs.Inspiring the Best in Students includes step-by-step instructions for dozens of classroom activities for grades 3–12 that help build student-teacher relationships while teaching both content and skills. Also included is a thorough overview of William Glasser's Choice Theory and such core teaching and learning concepts as internal control psychology and total behavior.The more students are given the freedom to make choices in a safe environment while also having fun, the more their enthusiasm for learning deepens. By following the advice in this book, you can ensure that the students in your class will remain engaged and inspired to achieve their best.
Research shows that a socially-emotionally supportive setting is the solution to increasing student achievement. The School Climate Solution helps kids and adults master critical social-emotional skills, encourages student leadership, provides effective and compassionate behavior management strategies, and raises academic performance. With dozens of fun and easy-to-do activities and community meeting agendas, this book provides everything you need to create a positive learning environment in any classroom, school, or school community. Based on William Glasser's Choice Theory and steeped in social-emotional learning, the book shows educators how to engage the whole school community in identifying and celebrating its positive values. For use by principals, teachers, counselors, coaches, or any other school leaders looking to improve classroom climate, the strategies in this book have been tested in schools, and they work. Digital content includes customizable forms from the book.
In this galvanizing follow-up to the best-selling Teaching with Poverty in Mind, renowned educator and learning expert Eric Jensen digs deeper into engagement as the key factor in the academic success of economically disadvantaged students. Drawing from research, experience, and real school success stories, Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind reveals * Smart, purposeful engagement strategies that all teachers can use to expand students' cognitive capacity, increase motivation and effort, and build deep, enduring understanding of content. * The (until-now) unwritten rules for engagement that are essential for increasing student achievement. * How automating engagement in the classroom can help teachers use instructional time more effectively and empower students to take ownership of their learning. * Steps you can take to create an exciting yet realistic implementation plan. Too many of our most vulnerable students are tuning out and dropping out because of our failure to engage them. It's time to set the bar higher. Until we make school the best part of every student's day, we will struggle with attendance, achievement, and graduation rates. This timely resource will help you take immediate action to revitalize and enrich your practice so that all your students may thrive in school and beyond. Note: This product listing is for the reflowable (ePub) version of the book.
Behavioral Economics and Intrinsic power socio-economic theories have been developing rapidly in the last few years with its more differentiated live labs applications that are influencing the quality of life and the development of many communities. This edited book is a collection of published papers and articles in different peer-reviewed journals and conferences. The idea behind this work is to show and follow the progress of one of the new coming behavioral economy fields that is Inspiration Economy, a rapidly developing socioeconomic concept that might create a differentiated outcome in the coming years. It is a reference book for those interested in understanding how Inspiration Economy labs, currency, problem solving, differential diagnosis and complex models work. The papers show the relation also between Inspiration Economy and the supporting coming economies as Youth Economy and Resilience Economy and how they address foresighted needs in unique ways. The opportunities developed in the chapters of the book show how much we humans can change positively the fate of humanity, if we realise, discover and capitalize on the opportunities around us in effective creative ways.
Want to make your students more responsible for their own learning? Want to create an academic environment in which students thrive and develop a genuine thirst for knowledge? Want to improve your students’ standardized test results but avoid a “teach-to-the-test” mentality that throttles creativity and freedom? In this book, Mark Barnes introduces and outlines the Results Only Learning Environment—a place that embraces the final result of learning rather than the traditional methods for arriving at that result. A results-only classroom is rich with individual and cooperative learning activities that help students demonstrate mastery learning on their own terms, without being constrained by standards and pedagogy. By embracing results-only learning, you will be able to transform your classroom into a bustling community of learners in which * Students collaborate daily on a number of long-term, ongoing projects. * Students receive constant narrative feedback. * Yearlong projects target learning outcomes more meaningfully than worksheets, homework, tests, and quizzes. * Freedom and independence are valued over punitive points, percentages, and letter grades. * Students manage themselves and all but eliminate the need for traditional classroom management. Learn how your students can take charge of their own achievement in an enjoyable, project-based, workshop setting that challenges them with real-world learning scenarios—and helps them attain uncommonly excellent results.
This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 16th FIRA Robo World Congress, FIRA 2013, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in August 2013. The congress consisted of the following three conferences: 5th International Conference on Advanced Humanoid Robotics Research (ICAHRR), 5th International Conference on Education and Entertainment Robotics (ICEER), and 4th International Robotics Education Forum (IREF). The 38 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 112 submissions. They cover various topics related to the technical developments and achievements in the field of robotics.
"Arron and Richard Wood's successful method of engaging youth on the big environmental challenges facing our planet is truly inspiring. They bring renewed hope for encouraging activism by future generations. This book is about the evolution of Kids Teaching Kids and it's relevance as an effective formula for educating young people and motivating them to take action in their own lives both in and out of the classroom. Arron and Richard developed this highly effective model for Australian schools. The UN Works Programme is collaborating with them to integrate this approach into educational outreach to students around the world."--BOOK JACKET.

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