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Enjoy Easy and Most Delicious 5-Ingredient Recipes for Any Budget with this Instant Pot Cookbook. 5 Ingredient Instant Pot Cooker Recipes-When I think of instant pot cooking I think "easy." These recipes are easier than easy! With 5 ingredients or less they take minimal time to prepare. Many of these recipes have super easy ingredients that you already have in your pantry. Healthy cooking expert and cookbook author Sophie Brown brings you the latest in home or any occasion cooking with the 5-Ingredient Instant Pot Cookbook- Easy Recipes for Fast & Healthy Meals. By sticking to no more than 5 easy-to-find main ingredients per recipe, This Cookbook makes it easier than ever for anyone to cook tasty, high quality, healthy food for themselves. Inside this book, you will find a large amount of delicious recipes, which all are made in 5 ingredients or less, including: Breakfast Recipes, Chicken & Poultry Recipes, Meat Recipes, Fish & Seafood Recipes, Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes, Soups & Stews Recipes, More and more... NO MONEY? Each recipe in this instant pot cookbook calls for no more than 5 main, affordable, tasty ingredients NO TIME? Tried and true, these Instant Pot cookbook recipes take 30 minutes or less from beginning to "yum!" NO EXPERIENCE? Helpful illustrations demonstrate how to prep common dishes easily and effortless NO PROBLEM! Most popular, chef-approved recipes in this Instant Pot cookbook will make your life be colorful and your mouth be full of flavor ★★ Don't wait any longer! Scroll up and get your book right now!★★
If you are a busy person who wants to enjoy some authentic home cooked meals, but feel the hesitation to get into the complex process of cooking, then the instant pot is the most suitable appliance for you. This book deals with everything you need to know about instant pot as a beginner and provides you over 100 mouth-watering easy-to-prepare 5-ingredient or less Instant Pot recipes. Everybody wants to enjoy a hygienic and delicious home-cooked meal to ensure the physical health and inner happiness. If you are considering following any diet plan to lose weight, or you want to quit junk food and take-out options; but lack time to prepare the home-cooked meal for yourself and for your whole family, then the instant pot can do magic for you. Instant pot provides you with a very effective and fast way of cooking a meal that required less time, efforts, and fuel. It is a unique hand free cooking experience. If you are still confused about the effectiveness of this magical device, then let yourself know about it much deeper by reading the following book. This book is your most valuable Instant Pot guide. Meantime all recipes in this book will save you too much time and money. You will like all of them! Scroll up to click the "Buy Now with 1-Click" now! To be healthy, time-saving and happy by reading this book!
"Master 2019 cooking for your Instant Pot"--Mandy Monroe, M.D. This new edition brings 2019's most affordable, quick and easy 5-Ingredients or less Instant Pot recipes to your kitchen! Each recipe gives: 5-Ingredients or Less: save money by cutting out expensive ingredients. Cooking Times: perfect for busy professionals & moms. Nutritional Information: perfect for counting your daily carbs. Servings: save money by cooking the right amount of food for you. Metric and Imperial Measurements: perfect for folks worldwide. In this cookbook, you will discover... Tasty meals your whole family will enjoy. Meals for vegans vegetarians Quick & easy meals for busy professionals and moms. Detailed ingredient lists and precise cooking times. Easy-to-follow instructions. Helpful tips and tricks for you to master cooking in your Instant Pot.# Instant Pot 101: pefect for beginners to learn how to master their Instant Pot. "What I love about this Instant Pot cookbook is that it brings together super easy, quick & delicious Instant Pot recipes in one easily accessible resource, with minimal difficulty and time required to make them. It's really helpful for reading food lables"--Sandy Lymes, M.D. Equipping you with easy-to-follow recipes and must-know information, this book is your user friendly all-in-one resource for mastering Instant Pot cooking in a quick, delicious and affordable way. Inside, you'll discover the very best Instant Pot recipes bursting with flavor that are both affordable and delicious, yet quick and easy to make--the best of best worlds! Breakfast Lunch Soups, Stews & Chilies Beef, Pork, Lamb & Chicken Side Dishes & Snacks Desserts Amazon exclusive offer: Buy the paperback & get the kindle version for FREE! Pick up your copy today! Happy Cooking!
Eating is meant to be a shared experience and is a great time for family members to catch up with each other's day. A good meal gets them to the dinner table every time but without the right recipes from the right cookbook, preparing meals could be a disaster. With the super Instant pot, any meal is possible. There's nothing the Instant Pot can't do―and with the right cookbook in hand, there's nothing you can't cook. Top Instant Pot Cookbook contains just what you need and much more. The ingredients are super easy to obtain and are pretty affordable while the directions for preparing each meal are listed step by step in a clear and understandable manner. Within the pages of this five star cookbook, you will discover and enjoy: -Kid-friendly dishes and amazing meals the whole family will love. -Low-maintenance recipe guidelines including pressure levels and cooking times -Recipes for vegetarians anyone will enjoy. -Recipes made for anyone with a busy lifestyle. -Detailed ingredient lists and precise cooking times so each dish turns out perfect. -Easy-to-follow instructions on making each dish in an Instant Pot. -Helpful tips and tricks on how to make each meal one your whole family will request time and time again. -Plus much more helpful information. This book will definitely superceed every other instant pot cookbook you have ever known or possessed. Written to be perfect for beginners or long-time enthusiasts, this 2019 Top Instant Pot cookbook is your A-Z guide for all things Instant Pot. With this cookbook, you will cook better, tastier and faster meals for yourself and your family. Enjoy these 500 Everyday Recipes for Any Budget, Any time, Any day.
THE INSTANT NATIONAL BESTSELLER • Brittany Williams lost more than 125 pounds using her Instant Pot® and making all her meals from scratch. Now she shares 125 quick, easy, and tasty whole food recipes that can help you reach your weight loss goals, too! Brittany Williams had struggled with her weight all her life. She grew up eating the standard American staples—fast, frozen, fried, and processed—and hit a peak weight of 260 pounds. When her 4-year-old daughter’s autoimmune disease was alleviated by a low-sugar, dairy-free, grain-free, whole-food-based diet, Brittany realized she owed her own body the same kind of healing. So on January 1, 2017, she vowed to make every meal for a year from scratch, aided by her Instant Pot®. She discovered that the versatility, speed, and ease of the electric pressure cooker made creating wholesome, tasty, family-satisfying meals a breeze, usually taking under thirty minutes. Not only did the family thrive over the course of the year, Brittany lost an astonishing 125 pounds, all documented on her Instant Loss blog. Illustrated with gorgeous photography, Instant Loss Cookbook shares 125 recipes and the meal plan that Brittany used for her own weight loss, 75% of which are recipes for the Instant Pot® or other multicooker. These recipes are whole food-based with a spotlight on veggies, mostly dairy and grain-free, and use ingredients that you can find at any grocery store. The clearest guide to navigating your Instant Pot® or other multicooker that you’ll find, Instant Loss Cookbook makes healthy eating convenient—and that’s the key to sustainable weight loss.

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