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Previously overlooked in the workplace, this book explores how internal communication is conducted across the different sectors and in organisations of differing sizes and complexity.
Get internal communications right in your organization and the benefits are clear: motivated staff, better financial performance, a strong external reputation and delighted customers are just a few of the reasons why getting your message over to staff effectively matters. Internal Communications explores what good practice in internal communications looks like, providing a no-nonsense, step-by-step approach to devising an internal communications strategy. Written by experts with extensive experience as consultants and in-house leaders in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, Internal Communications covers how to build an internal communications team and plan; devise messages and decide which channels to use; work with line managers and senior leaders; research and evaluate internal communications and support change within an organization. Supported by easy to follow models, example explanations of the core theory, and case studies, it provides students and internal communicators alike with the practical tools and advice they need to make a difference in an organization. About the PR in Practice series: Published in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), the PR in Practice series comprises accessible, practical introductions to day-to-day issues of public relations practice and management. The series' action-oriented approach keeps knowledge and skills up to date.
Internal communications are vital to all organizations. They are its life blood. Even organizations that do not have a specialist department now recognize the need for the function, while those at the leading edge are making increasingly innovative and productive uses of internal communications. There is growing evidence that the organizations that get it right reap dividends in corporate energy and enhanced performance. In these organizations, internal communications have equal status with the external communications functions. This practical Report will show you how internal communications, taken in their widest sense, can improve the performance of organizations.
Effective internal communications is a much neglected area in the world of business. While most organizations recognize that the external communication between customers and shareholders is crucial to the success of a business, very few consider the implications of their internal communication or develop a clear strategy for it. So while management decisions may be perfectly rational, badly executed communication can leave staff across the organization confused, worried or disinterested. Strategic Internal Communication offers a complete approach to building engagement, performance and cultural integration in any organization. It looks at the relation between the traditional silos of internal communication, HR and employee engagement and demonstrates, using the new Dialogue Box approach, how to use communication more effectively and strategically to break down these barriers.
- Starting your career and interested to make a mark in this growing function? - Keen to understand the nuances of internal communications? - Determined to create an impact as an internal communication professional? - Looking for resources to create, nurture, and deliver consistently with you team? In this book you will discover all these and more as it takes you through the nuts and bolts of establishing your function and demonstrating value with internal communications. Using simple examples and formats, the author shares best practices and lessons that will enhance your presence as an internal communications professional. - Self-evaluation Guide: How do I know if I am suited to the role? - Guide to getting answers when you begin your career in internal communications - Interviewers Guide: questions to ask during an internal communications interview - Channel selection guide - Evaluating your agency - How to promote your team

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