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In today s era of International business, International Human Resource Management (IHRM) is emerging as a crucial factor since organizations are run by people. What is interesting in this phenomenon is, not only that there are differences in people across the countries, but even within a country or regions within it. This complex socio-cultural and psychological fabric coupled with historical, geographic, economic and political factors, creates certain boundary conditions and makes IHRM a very complex process. The intention of this book is to portray the various factors that are connected with managing Human Resources in International Business. Since the two are inseparable, any organization aspiring to participate as a player in international business must develop the knowledge, skills and acumen to perceive the subtle nuances that govern the rules of game. IHRM as a discipline cuts across all other business operations in the international context and plays a vital role in the success or failure of a business venture since, businesses are essentially driven by people. In the light of the above, this book has sought to address some of the issues that relate to IHRM, which need to be logically understood by any keen observer of international business, today. The approach of this book has been to detail IHRM both, in terms of a function, as well as a process and the factors or key elements that are attached to them.To make this book reader-friendly, chapter highlights have been added at the beginning of each chapter to facilitate the reader to identify the broader areas that may be learnt from a particular chapter. Each chapter also contains detailed references and key terms. Conceptual questions, multiple choices, web-based exercises are some of the additional features of the book. Relevant diagrammatic representation, relevant case study and list of web references have been also added in this book.
Given the rise of globalization, companies increasingly need to adopt an international human resource management (IHRM) strategy. Strategic International Human Resource Management discusses all the elements that make up the IHRM portfolio. It considers the consequences of international cultures on employee performance and welfare and explores the consequences (such as diversity issues) of the various employee resourcing options, for example: hiring local staff vs. international appointments. It also examines training and development in an international environment and the complexities of multinational reward management practice. Drawing on practical experiences from around the world, this book demonstrates how to design and implement a human resource strategy within the context of an overall business strategy for global expansion. This second edition looks at the trends and managerial priorities that look set to influence decision-making in SIHRM in the coming decade. Formerly published as Globalization - The People Dimension.
Essentials of International Human Resource Management: Managing People Globally, by David C. Thomas and Mila B. Lazarova, provides concise coverage of key HRM concepts, balancing comparative approaches and US and non-US schools of thought. Not limited to the multinational firm, this book reflects the most current knowledge in the field and considers all types of organizations embedded in the global context. Chapter-opening vignettes (short cases) exemplify the chapter’s core topics and show readers how chapter content can be applied. Extensive references make it easy for readers to explore concepts in more depth.
In providing an insightful overview of a wide range of global human resource issues facing MNCs, this pathbreaking Handbook highlights emergent topics and new research findings that could shape the field of future IHRM research. Theoretical discussion of the variables and processes that affect IHRM policies and practices is provided by renowned contributors with widely differing academic backgrounds, paradigmatic orientations, and theoretical and methodological approaches.
Managing people in a multinational context is the essence of international human resource management. This requires a broader perspective of what operating internationally involves, and a clear recognition of the range of issues pertaining to all categories of staff operating in different functional, task and managerial capacities. Books that are available on the subject are heavily loaded with cultural aspects rather than HRM processes. From teaching experience, it is noticed that students who are familiar with domestic HRM books find it difficult to comprehend the subject of international HRM. Therefore the topics are arranged in the traditional HRM style with international implications at each stage. A separate chapter is allocated for Expatriation & Repatriation. Similarly Management of People in international context in sixteen countries is discussed in a separate chapter.The text aims to cover in terms of industries, to illustrate the activities and approaches of international organisations. Also, the coverage of different cultures is not intended to include all the different and diverse cultures of the world, simply to enable sufficient understanding of the cultural contexts from which many of the approaches are derived, and to provide background on the appropriateness of different aspects of managing people in international organisations. A detailed treatment to empirical researches on cross cultural issues and cross cultural, comparative management issues arising out of cross border mergers and acquisitions as well as human resource issues emerging out of global acquisitions of Arcelor and Corus by Indian companies and companies of Indian origin are also treated in the text.
This up-to-date, comprehensive reference was written in response to the expanding role of international content within Human Resource Management. Reflecting both empirical research and the state of practice in the industry, it reflects information from consulting firms, national and global HRM conferences, and interviews with HRM managers in multinational and global firms. To reinforce concepts and principles, author Dennis R. Briscoe incorporates IHRM in Action boxes featuring actual companies. In addition, an entire chapter (9) explores the future of IHRM, complete with the latest references and research.
The eagerly-awaited Third Edition of the hugely successful International Human Resource Management succeeds in maintaining the academic rigour and critical focus that have established its reputation as the most authoritative and cutting-edge text in the field. Positioning itself firmly within the 'globalized' environment, it provides wide-ranging and truly international coverage driven by the expertise of a writing team comprised of internationally renowned experts. New to the Third Edition: - Completely revised and restructured to better match international HRM courses. - New chapters include: social responsibility, sustainability and diversity, comparative HRM and approaches to IHRM. - 'Country-focus' boxed feature comparing and contrasting issues in different countries. - Further international examples and case studies. - Each chapter ends with stimulating discussion questions and self-assessment questions to encourage students to test their knowledge. - A companion website with instructors' manual and free full-text journal articles and additional case material for students. `The Third Edition of International Human Resource Management is a comprehensive guide for today’s IHRM researchers, students, and practitioners. It covers not only traditional IHRM topics such as expatriate selection and the implications of cultural differences, but also advances our understanding of topics that have gained importance recently such as strategic IHRM and international total rewards programs. As a text, it has the advantage of including chapters covering each of the major topics in IHRM carefully chosen and orchestrated by an excellent editing team and written by leading specialists in each topic. The inclusion of discussion questions for students and instructor materials makes it a student-friendly instructional resource' - Mark F. Peterson Professor of Management and International Business at Florida Atlantic University

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