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For introductory course in space flight dynamics. A self-contained, integrated introduction to the performance aspects of flight - how to get into space, how to get around in space, and how to return to Earth or land on another planet (as opposed to specialized areas of life support, guidance and control, or communications).
NASA is again reorganizing its resources to accomplish its fluctuating missions. The fourth edition of Introduction to Space: The Science of Spaceflight has received a major overhaul to bring to you a readable understanding of how these goals may be achieved. It has been updated with the latest information on the science and technology involved to explain why astronauts are weightless, what satellites do and why they don't fall from the sky, how we will live on Mars, and whether or not there is life elsewhere in the universe. The book is now profusely illustrated throughout with 274 illustrations of which 102 are in color. All measurements are presented in both common units and in the international System of Units (SI), commonly called metric units.
The purpose of this book is to develop an understanding of the main engineering problems involved in spaceflight. Mathematics has not been avoided, and a graduate level is necessary to follow the derivations. The book gives insight into the engineering of rocket engines, launch vehicles, flight mechanics, system optimization and mission design: it can be recommended to students in advanced lessons as well as to all spacecraft system engineers.
Designed for undergraduate courses in Spacecraft Dynamics and Orbital Mechanics, this new edition offers a three-dimensional treatment of dynamics discussions of rigid body dynamics, rocket trajectories, and the space environment. An expert in his field, author William E. Wiesel presents a wealth of information in an easy-to-understand manner without the daunting mathematical rigor of graduate texts. Reference is made to actual flight vehicles and satellites to give students background on the type of work currently being done in this field.

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