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This 2006 edition of OECD's periodic survey of Ireland's economy examines key economic challenges and risks faced by this rapidly-growing economy. The special feature focuses on boosting growth through greater competition. Other challenges covered ...
This review addresses the full range of higher education issues in Ireland and offers recommendations for action within the framework of the government’s ambitions for the sector.
This 2005 OECD report contains a survey of the main barriers to employment for older workers, an assessment of measures to overcome these barriers, and a set of policy recommendations for Ireland.
Being one of the poorest countries in Europe just 20 years ago, Ireland is now one of the richest in the world. The number of jobs doubled in under 20 years, living standards increased substantially, and an economic boom has been sustained since 1994. Author Paul Sweeney asks why did Ireland, a basket case economy and poor for so long, suddenly take off? In focusing on Ireland's economic success, he examines the lessons to be learned from this success. He is assisted by the insights of An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, Peter Sutherland, as well as other leading business people, trade unionists, and perceptive observers. In this international edition, Frances Cairncross, one of the world's leading economic writers, has provided an Introduction which sets Ireland's economic achievements in their international context and answers the question, "Is the Irish experience replicable in other economies?"
Contains the 4th session of the 28th Parliament through the session of the Parliament.
This book provides an analysis of social and attitudinal change in Ireland over a period of unprecedented societal transformation.
The 2007 edition reviews the past year and assesses the trends in 2007. It discusses the developments in the world economy and their consequences for Latin America and the Caribbean. It contains an overview of integration and dynamism in the Asia-Pacific region and explores trade in services in the region. Furthermore, it looks at the economic integration in the region and examines the economic restructuring of the Asia-Pacific region and its impact on Latin America and the Caribbean.
The State of Loyalism in Northern Ireland examines the changes and developments within parliamentary Loyalism throughout the Northern Ireland peace process. Drawing from interviews with key players, it charts the drama of tensions, debates and negotiations and provides a compelling inside account.
One of the defining features of the global economic landscape over the past decade has been the increasing integration and cohesion of the transatlantic economy. Over the past few years the Center for Transatlantic Relations has offered a series of studies examining the changing nature of the transatlantic economy in a globalizing world. The Transatlantic Economy 2008 annual report offers the most up-to-date survey of European-sourced jobs, trade, and investment for each of the fifty U.S. states and U.S.-sourced jobs, trade, and investment for all EU member states and other European economies.
Vols. 1- include the sections: Writings on Irish history, 1936- ; Research on Irish history in Irish universities (varies slightly) 1937/38-
History of St. Barnabas Catholic Church, Mazomanie, Wisconsin written for its sesquicentennial celebration. Includes founding family and pastor biographies.

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