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Widely recognized as the finest definition of existentialist philosophy ever written, this book introduced existentialism to America in 1958. Barrett speaks eloquently and directly to concerns of the 1990s: a period when the irrational and the absurd are no better integrated than before and when humankind is in even greater danger of destroying its existence without ever understanding the meaning of its existence. Irrational Man begins by discussing the roots of existentialism in the art and thinking of Augustine, Aquinas, Pascal, Baudelaire, Blake, Dostoevski, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Picasso, Joyce, and Beckett. The heart of the book explains the views of the foremost existentialists—Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Sartre. The result is a marvelously lucid definition of existentialism and a brilliant interpretation of its impact.
Heroic Egoism explains the great moral art, the sculpting of moral character, showing you how to sculpt your soul into the form of greatness. The purpose of this book is to provide an ethical training system for creating ideal human beings. This book will provide you with a step-bystep guide on how to practice a rational code of morality in your everyday life. When you exercise in the steps of moral training outlined in these pages consistently and sincerely they will produce in you true strength of character.
Wippel and Wolter are perhaps the most respected names in metaphysical thought of the middle ages.
"A series of concise, engrossing, and enlightening books that explore every subject under the sun with unique insight. One of the twentieth century's most significant philosophical movements, existentialism influenced literature, the arts and humanities, and politics. Here, thomas Flynn examines the philosophy's core beliefs and introduces leading existentialist thinkers, from Nietzsche to Sartre."--Page 4 of cover.
The following pages contain a theory of justice and a theory of law. Justice will be defined as the demand for a system of laws, and law as an established regulation which applies equally throughout a society and is backed by force. The demand for a system of laws is met by means of a legal system. The theory will have to include what the system and the laws are in tended to regulate. The reference is to all men and their possessions in a going concern. In the past all such theories have been discussed only in terms of society, justice as applicable to society and the laws promul gated within it. However, men and their societies are not the whole story: in recent centuries artifacts have played an increasingly important role. To leave them out of all consideration in the theory would be to leave the theory itself incomplete and even distorted. For the key conception ought to be one not of society but of culture. Society is an organization of men but culture is something more. I define culture (civilization has often been employed as a synonym) as an organization of men together with their material possessions. Such possessions consist in artifacts: material objects which have been altered through human agency in order to reduce human needs. The makers of the artifacts are altered by them. Men have their possessions together, and this objectifies and consolidates the culture.

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