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JESUS THE MASTER COACH provides strategic and practical ways to apply the Heart of Jesus where it matters in your life today. Without using religious language, you will learn to be an effective communicator that connects powerfully in family, workplace, community, and church conversations and relationships. By providing newly discovered categories for the 100 Questions of Jesus found in the Gospels, you will have a new appreciation for the coaching and conversational opportunities each day. You will learn how to meaningfully meet and network new people, communicate across boomer/millennial/generational "Z" barriers, improve parent/teen dialogues, increase in your conversational intelligence, craft significant questions for important meetings, accelerate your impact as an authentic communicator, listen to what really matters to the other, and ignite hearts at home and work one conversation at a time. Real-life stories will empower you with the ability to honor the person even in conflict and tension that is increasing in our highly polarized media and culture. The analysis and application of the questions of Jesus, instead of the teaching of Jesus, is a new approach to discipleship, spiritual formation, and management that is the result of years of research, teaching, and training in graduate school education. Thousands of students in Psychology, Business, Leadership, Education, Communication, Divinity, and Government have contributed to the results presented here over a twenty-year period. Over 10,000 coaches have confirmed the validity of this approach as they have created a transformational movement of the father-heart of God to the nations.
Alan Nelson, Ed.D. presents thirty-one questions asked by Jesus, amplifies their meaning to clearly connect with the contemporary reader, and offers an application section to translate new thinking into new ways of living. Recent years have seen the rise of life coaches as a popular approach to personal growth. While a counselor might provide in-depth analysis, a life coach encourages the client to do the practical, productive work of grappling for answers to life's most important questions. No one was more skilled at asking profound questions than Jesus. His questions challenged wrong thinking, penetrated the heart, and provided a catalyst for true change. Excellent for personal study as well as small group discussion, it capitalizes on a growing trend embraced by adults of all ages.
With more than 60 million athletes involved in sports in America, it is estimated that one coach will impact more people in one year than the average person does in a lifetime. Today's coach could be one of the greatest authoritative figures in the life of today's adolescent. So the question isn't whether coaches leave a legacy, but rather, what will that legacy be? Current trending research shows that only 15% of coaches are intentional about coaching beyond the skills and strategies of the game (1st Dimension). A 3-Dimensional Coach understands and harnesses the power of the coaching platform to coach the mind (2nd Dimension) and transform the heart (3rd Dimension). They can be the catalysts for internal transformation that guides both the coach and the athlete on a spiritual journey to finding purpose in our performance-based culture. Now that's a legacy! In 3D Coach, National Coaches Training Director Jeff Duke shares his own journey through the three dimensions of coaching and how it has impacted his life and those around him. He also shares the personal stories of coaches from all levels who have implemented the 3D concept into their own programs and who have pointed to Jesus Christ, the Master Coach, as the ultimate example of how to lead athletes to true significance.
Miller and Hall center totally on the nature and ministry of Christian coaching. They provide an overview of the growth and development of coaching and its application to Christian ministry. They show core coaching skills, and essential and supporting coaching skills. The core skills of focused listening and asking powerful questions reappear throughout the book as the authors demonstrate in real life situations how to use them. A TCP Leadership Series title.
The busy life of a coach leaves little time to read the Bible or spend time in community with other believers. And yet the need for spiritual input for themselves and those they lead is great. Heart of a Coach is a daily devotional that provides 120 short but meaningful readings using realistic coaching situations to help coaches understand the truth and relevancy of the Bible to everyday life. It will bring insight into handling life's daily challenges and enable the coach to use biblical principles to teach and motivate athletes. Learn from those with the heart of a coach in these readings. Also includes Scripture references and follow up questions that speak to the life of any coach.
A Coach for Christ equips believers to become an influence on others in order to bring them to Christ. Often people don’t understand how to gain the empathy necessary to lead others, A Coach for Christ solves that problem. In it, believers discover how to relate to others so they can lead them on the right path. It is a great resource for parents desiring to help their children get into a true relationship with Jesus and transform their lives. With A Coach for Christ, believers learn the proper communication tools to help others listen to what they have to say. Once accomplished, believers will notice others are being drawn to them as they learn how to bless them in a way that satiates their true desires. A Coach for Christ is very innovative and unique in its approach to bring others into a saving relationship with the Lord. No longer will people be turned off by Christian dialogue as believers will discover new tools that work. In A Coach for Christ, believers will gain: Proven strategies to help one gain the rapport necessary to lead anyone to the Lord Secular tools with a Biblical foundation to help bring others to the Lord Solid Biblical truth with real tools to help train disciples to bring others to the Lord An understanding of others and the ability to relate to ALL people in order to lead A new inner narration that brings peace and love
With emphasis on Christian spirituality and conduct in sports, this book is "a collection of devotional thoughts compiled over years of ministry with coaches and athletes. These brief, game day oriented thoughts ... are written with the competitor in mind and from the perspective of the player or coach."--Back cover.
Creswell draws from her extensive corporate and ministry coaching experience to provide ministers and other church leaders a clear definition of what coaching is and the seven basic benefits an individual, church, or group can receive through a qualified coach. Solidly based in experience, each chapter is built upon an actual scenario growing out of Creswell's own coaching experience. Along with the illustration, she provides scriptural teaching, gives explicit information on the purpose and merits of coaching, additional resources, and tips for coaching.
Vols. 1-26 include a supplement: The University pulpit, vols. [1]-26, no. 1-661, which has separate pagination but is indexed in the main vol.
This new casebook fills the need for an interdisciplinary approach to law and religion. It combines a thorough academic review of religion with broad legal coverage that extends beyond the Supreme Court's First Amendment cases to other federal and state cases about a range of religious topics. In addition to chapters on Free Exercise and Establishment, the book's topics include: Individual Conscience and the State (examining conscientious objection and civil disobedience in the military, medical and legal professions); Religion and Politics; Teaching About Religion and Science (including materials about religious studies and theology as well as evolution, creation-science and intelligent design); Comparative Religious Freedom (studying the protection of religious freedom in international law as well as the recognition of religious freedom by the world¿s religious traditions); and Church Autonomy (legal disputes about torts, property and employment law). This casebook's distinguishing feature is that it addresses religion as well as law, giving students more resources to learn about the world¿s religious traditions. Just as law and economics includes economics, and law and literature studies literature, this casebook takes a similar interdisciplinary approach to show how a thorough examination of religion is vital to understanding how courts confront the wide array of issues associated with religion.
You are invited… to a change of heart, Jesus' way! Transformation isn't about being more disciplined or trying harder, but establishing a life-giving connection where Jesus fills your heart's deepest desires for love, significance, belonging, freedom, security, and more. God's change strategy isn't focused on fixing your bad behavior, but on filling your heart with himself. Experiencing desire fulfilled changes what you want—and that makes change easy! In this practical, down-to-earth manual on heart change, master coach Tony Stoltzfus teaches you the revolutionary approach he's used to walk thousands of Christian leaders through personal transformation. Here's how it works. Behavior comes from the heart, and the heart is motivated by our desires--desires for things like for recognition, acceptance, significance, or joy. Most of crazy, twisted stuff we do that causes us so much pain is aimed at filling these unmet desire with things in this world. The surprising key to Jesus' approach is this: your heart's desires were meant to be filled in your relationship with God; not by things, but by Jesus himself (see James 4). Encounter Him touching your desire every day, and it will transform your behavior without even trying. Jesus' way of change is better than you ever imagined! The Invitation takes you on a journey to this realm of desire. We'll start with the common Christian approach to change (disciplining outward behavior), and contrast it to what the New Testament says about changing from the inside out instead. Then you'll learn about how the heart works, the different levels of the heart, the 16 deep desires, the Two Guardians of the heart (beliefs and emotional memories), and the steps to identifying beliefs and desires. The author is eminently practical: for instance, he presents four tools you can use to encounter Jesus in your desires and six for changing beliefs, with clear steps and multiple examples for each. This book is a practical manual, not a theoretical discourse: it is filled with intimate stories of real people from all walks of life experiencing transformation through using these techniques to encounter Jesus in their deep desires. As a special bonus, The Invitation also includes four hours of free, on-line video keyed to the text, featuring live, unrehearsed demos of how to coach the heart! For coaches, counselors, pastors and anyone who wants to be more effective at helping facilitate personal change,The Invitation is a gold-mine of skills and tools, and an invaluable training resource. An entire suite of training aids are available to help you bring these techniques into your world, including DVDs, workshop and course outlines, a mobile app, and more. Professional training and certification are also offered through the Leadership MetaFormation Institute. A Testimony from the Book ”All my life I have heard that God loves me. And I believed it because I know that that is who He is. …but for the first time in my life, I saw God smile at me. I SAW HIM SMILING AT ME! And I have not been the same. Nothing about life looks as it did. It was like my life was a messy Rubik's cube that I have spent decades trying to align. In a moment, every piece shifted into place. I am whole. Still on the journey, but whole.”

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