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From Abronia to Zinnia, Jewels of the Plains describes the natural history and garden merits of more than five hundred Great Plains wildflowers. Considered the authoritative guide by native plant enthusiasts and horticulturists, it captures the unique beauty, resilience, and variety of wildflowers in the Great Plains. Claude A. Barr did not set out to be a writer. In 1910, he homesteaded 160 acres of prairie in the southwest corner of South Dakota, intending to become a farmer. Despite challenging conditions, Barr fell in love with the land and its native flora. He began contributing profiles of plains wildflowers to gardening magazines, which precipitated requests for seed and led him to start a mail-order nursery, Prairie Gem Ranch. What began as a Depression-era sideline eventually gained a worldwide clientele, and Barr became a respected ambassador for the wildflowers of this part of the American landscape. Decades of observing plants in the wild and growing them for his nursery, as well as careful study of scientific sources, gave Barr unequaled knowledge that culminated in this acclaimed book. Wonderfully written and deeply researched, Jewels of the Plains is more than a field guide or how-to manual. It’s a pioneering text on native plant horticulture that details plant life on the prairie in the voice of one with intimate familiarity with the subject. Each description reads like a mini nature essay, giving insight into both the plants and Barr’s engaging personality. Edited to incorporate new scientific information, this edition includes an Introduction and supplemental notes by botanist and horticulturalist James H. Locklear. He places Barr’s remarkable life and work in historic and scientific context, illuminating his accomplishments from a fresh perspective.
Examining the history of playas and the roles they play in life on the Llano Estacado, the author explains how and why these drainage basins exist and the controversy they generate. With Meinzer's stunning photographs, "Playas" is a tribute to a unique environmental phenomenon of the Plains.
Seduced by the government's offer of 320 acres per homesteader, Americans and Europeans rushed to Montana and the Dakotas to fulfill their own American dream in the first decade of this century. Raban's stunning evocation of the harrowing, desperate reality behind the homesteader's dream strips away the myth--while preserving the romance--that has shrouded our understanding of our own heartland.
A guide to gardening in the Intermountain West, which includes parts of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.
Great Plains Geology concisely guides readers through the geological development of the Great Plains region. It describes the distinct features of fifty-seven geologic sites, including fascinating places such as Raton Pass in Colorado and New Mexico, the Missouri Breaks of Montana, and the Ashfall Fossil Beds in Nebraska. This guide addresses the tricky question of what constitutes the Great Plains, showing that the region is defined in part through its unique geologic features.
Containing thousands of entries of both vernacular and scientific names of Great Plains plants, the literature that informs this exhaustive listing spans nearly 300 years. Author Elaine Nowick has drawn from sources as diverse as Linnaeus, Lewis and Clark, and local university extension publications to compile the gamut of practical, and often fanciful, common plant names used over the years. Each common name is accompanied by a definitive scientific name with references and authority information. Interspersed with scientifically-correct botanical line drawings, the entries are written in standard ICBN format, making this a useful volume for scholars as well as lay enthusiasts alike. Volume 2 indexes the scientific names of those species, followed by listings of all the common names applied to them. Both volumes refer the common and scientific names back to a list of 190 pertinent authoritative sources.
This is a story about a remarkable Sikh family and the communities they lived in and supported in both Canada and India. Kapoor Singh Siddoo arrived in British Columbia in 1912 and overcame racial prejudice and legal discrimination to transform himself from labourer to lumber baron. He and his wife, Besant Kaur, fostered in their daughters a vision of service and activism that they fulfilled by establishing a hospital in Punjab and introducing an Indian spiritual tradition to their new home in Canada. Hugh Johnston tells their story with warmth and perceptiveness, while telling a larger tale about the trials and tribulations faced by immigrant communities in Canada.
Framing Meinzer's work in elegant historic context, preeminent Panhandle historian Frederick W. Rathjen gives us a rare appreciation of the topographic majesty of the Periman Red Beds that 230 to 280 million years ago lay below a shallow sea and through subsequent millennia and riverine deposit, erosion, and redeposit would gain 'variegated walls and formations of gray, yellow, maroon, lavender and orange shown most conspicuously in the lovely Spanish Skirts."
The Boundary. The greatest feat of magic in the history of Madryn. An impenetrable barrier raised centuries ago to imprison the Darklord Lorthas and bring an end to the long and bloody MageWar. But the Boundary has been breached, and the Darklord's forces have resumed their assault. The Tachan Empire has risen from the ashes of its defeat and is poised to conquer much of Madryn, Corsan Raiders push farther onto Alrendria soil with every passing day, and the Black Fleet scourges the coast. In Kaper, King Mathis of Alrendria fights to maintain the peace despite the constant political maneuvering and racial tensions threatening his hastily-assembled alliance. The Mage Assembly - the only force capable of countering Lorthas' ShadowMagi - remains uncommitted to the fight, and flagging morale on the western front may force Mathis to send his own son, the charismatic Prince Martyn, out to restore the Guardsmen's faith. But a danger far greater than Corsans lurks within dagger's reach of the young prince. Far to the north, in the icy fortress of Dranakohr, Jeran Odara fights a private war. Denied access to his magical Gift and enslaved by the Darklord, Jeran must decide which is more important: his duty to Alrendria or his obligation to the people he loves.

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