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Joan Bradley was always disappointed that growing up in Deniliquin duringthe 1930s and 1940s the history of her family was never readily shared.As a young girl she was always interested in family history but never receivedmuch help when seeking assistance from relatives regarding earlier lives.Most folk considered that early family history was really no-one's business.Growing up, she tried to remember happenings and life as it was and decidedthat one day she would write a book about how her family came to be whatit is today.From the first year of her marriage in 1949 Joan made a decision to keep adiary - a habit she has continued for over sixty years. These diaries becamethe source material and inspiration for this book.After enrolling in a creative writing course at Deniliquin TAFE, Joan wasencouraged by her tutor Amanda McCrabb to pursue her dream of recordingher family history and writing her life story. She began writing in the year2002.The result is 'Joan's Journey' - the story of a life in Deniliquin and district,Hay and the Riverina.Early childhood experiences in Deniliquin and station life at Barratta,high school years and nursing, life as a mother, farmer's wife and businesspartner, the lives of six children and the blessings of grandchildren and greatgrandchildren and various interests and hobbies, have all contributed to afulfilling and wonderful life.In the words of the author, "this story was never meant to be a great literarypiece. It is simply my life story. My journey as I remember it. I have writtenit with the hope that all who read my story will enjoy the journey with me.I have dedicated this book to my beloved children, with the hope that theytreasure my memories and forever love one another for my sake."
The extraordinary story of the Maid placed in the France of her time, presenting her and her contemporaries in all their humanity to the general reader. Who was this notorious and enigmatic country girl, on trial for her life?
In this book, ten experts in philosophy of film explore the importance of transcendence for cinema as an art form in the films of the great directors, David Cronenberg, Karl Theodor Dreyer, Federico Fellini, Werner Herzog, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Terrence Malick, Yasujiro Ozu, and Martin Scorsese.
A guide to British cinema includes entries for major British actors, directors, and films from 1929 to the present.
Women Willing to Fight is a collection of essays that explores the presence of the fighting woman in contemporary Hollywood cinema. Drawn from a variety of genres, the authors examine the changing role, image and position of this figure in film over recent decades. The increasing dominance of this character and her repositioning as a protagonist reinvigorates discussion concerning the dynamics of film narrative and spectacle. Each contribution takes as its focus a central character from the Hollywood blockbuster era, examining in detail the motivations and implications of the fighting female. In doing so the collection raises significant questions about the place of the fighting woman in contemporary media and the relationships she forges on and off-screen. With a strong appreciation of the mixed messages inherent in images of fighting women, Women Willing to Fight seeks to draw attention to the embodied forms - physical, intellectual and emotional - through which female fighters are represented. The anthology places particular emphasis on the emergence of the physically empowered woman, a character for whom the body has become a weapon and a target. While early cinematic representations allowed women to voice their fury and frustration, today’s female fighters not only ‘speak up’ but ‘muscle up’. Putting aside the supernatural powers of many action heroines, this volume focuses on the kinds of fighting skills, abilities and desires that are engendered in characterisations of mortal women. To this end the volume implicitly addresses complex and cross-cultural notions of ‘extra-ordinary’ power. By examining the embodied arsenal that these characters possess and develop - through training, conditioning, and life experience - it considers the representation of motivation and metamorphoses into ‘the fighting woman’: how a woman fights holds implicit meaning and inevitably urges us to consider why and what she is fighting for.
Few actors have had a career as dynamic as that Kathleen Turner's; success has followed her from the television screen to major blockbusters, from indie films to the theater stage. Over her forty-year career, Turner has developed an instinctual knowledge of what it takes to be a successful actor, and, in her conversations with esteemed film professor Dustin Morrow, she shares these lessons with the world. With her iconic wit on full display, Turner dazzles readers with her shrewd insights on the craft of acting and charming anecdotes from her own storied career. Touching on each of her roles, she expounds on the lessons she’s learned and describes her journey of discovery in the world of acting. An epic and intense one-on-one master class in acting from the best teacher imaginable, Kathleen Turner on Acting is a must for acting and directing students of every age, established actors and directors, filmmakers, theater pros, and artists of every stripe.
This fierce anti-war novel by Irene Rathbone (1892-1980) is told from the perspective of a cultured former suffragist and several of her friends- young women who work at rest camps just behind the lines in France and as nurses of the severely wounded in hospitals in London. When Joan loses both her brother and lover to the war, in anger at the enemy she volunteers for work in a munitions plant- but by the end, she is a confirmed pacifist.